Secrets: Niall Horan

Alex doesn't have many friends and doesn't like people but when she meets a dark angel, everything could change...


11. 3am


I woke up to my phone ringing at 3am. A restricted number.


"Hello?" I said with a raspy morning voice.

"Where's my money Horan?" My supplier's voice boomed through my iPhone.

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb."

"I seriously-" He cut me off.

"Have my money by Friday or I'll get that girl of yours."


"Ok. Bye." I hung up.

"Babe, you okay?" I heard a sleepy voice say.

"Yeah. It's nothing." I replied quickly.

"Oh alright." A sleepy Alex replied.

I wrapped my arms around her and drifted back off to sleep.


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