April Hugon is new to her school. She gets bullied by many people, but she wont give up on trying to make friends. She falls in love with a guy.. READ IT NO SPOILER!


1. Misunderstood

Setting: School

“Jenny!” A voice cried, “I tried calling you many times but you never answered!”

“I missed you so much Sophie!” said Jenny. She then hugged her tightly, but let go in that second.

As April walks in, she is dazed by how big the school is; but as much as possible, she tries to stay calm. Bullying is a big thing in the school, and bullies bully mostly the new kids there. She tries to make friends, so the bullies won’t know she’s new.

She goes to Lizzie McAllister, because she looks kind. She fools a lot of people because of her kind appearance. Lizzie’s actually cruel, girly, and very hissy.

“Uh, hi” she says with a trembling voice.

“Well,” Lizzie says with a smirk, “What do we have here?”

“I’m April and I’m new here”

“Do I look like I care?” She snaps back

“Ooh me!” Crystal says doing one of these wavy hand things. For a second you might think we’re doing our own class in the middle of the hallway. ”NO”, her smile is gone, her eyes are widened.

Lizzie then pushes April onto the cold, hard ground.

They walk away laughing, giving her dirty looks all the time.

On the floor, April feels weak. She feels stupid for talking to someone like that. No one has warned her.

She feels a tear roll down on her chin and she hears footsteps coming her way. She holds the hem of her sleeve and wipes away her tear.

“Are you okay?” Said a guy in soft, gentle voice.

April looks up and sees a guy with straight brown hair and midnight, blue eyes.

He lends his hand and introduces himself. “I’m Drew.”

April wasn’t sure what the hand is for. She isn’t sure if it is the same hand she lent for shaking, or he is kind enough to help her stand. She is afraid of being his friend, because he might be mean like Lizzie.

With a little hesitation, she stands up, and her legs still shaking. “I’m April.”

The time she finished her sentence, the bell rings.

“Well, you better get going April. That is if you don’t want to miss your class.”

April feels warm and fuzzy again.

“Bye!” he says, swimming through the crowd.

April stands there, frozen, in the middle of the school.


Setting: Class

April opens the door of her class. She sees an unfamiliar face, but hears a very familiar voice.

 “April! Here!”

April turns back and sees a blonde girl in blue. She immediately smiles back, while walking to her seat. “Thanks” April whispered.

“Anytime.” She pauses for a while to see if the teacher is looking, but the guy is too busy chatting with Lizzie.

“I’m jenny.” she then pulls out a sweet, kind smile.

“I’m ap-”

April gets interrupted mid-sentence.

“Yeah I know, you’re April!”

April looks startled and confused.

“Wait but how-”

Jenny had stopped her, mid-sentence again. April describes Jenny as inpatient, yet sweet.

“Well” Jenny continues, “I saw you as you entered the building. I was going to come and say hi… And I was about to tell you not to talk to Lizzie. But it was too late.”

She then looks at the ground; the same one April fell on.

“I’m sor-”

Jenny gets stopped at mid-sentence, the same way she stopped April.

“It’s okay! It’s not your fault.”

Sophie enters the class happily, but starts walking slower and her smile slowly fading. She is looking at Jenny and April; she wants to sit beside Jenny.

“Jenny? Aren’t you supposed to be sitting with me?” 

April proceeds to stand up, apologizing for taking her seat.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t know you sit here.” April says sorrowfully.

“No, it’s ok. I guess I’ll just find another seat” She smiles, then turns with her smile gone.

April feels like she was not needed.


The teacher finally speaks up, but no one can hear him.

“Settle down class!” The teacher says, not really looking mad.

The class ignores him, and continues talking.


The teacher’s face is now red; on the second sentence he told the class. No one ever thought a teacher would be that mad on the first day of school.

The class turns quiet, only without Lizzie’s necklace clashing into the table.

“I am Mr. Rosa-

He is one of the people that got interrupted today. But no one interrupted him, something did. It Is the loud knock on the door.

The door opens, but no one seems to know who’s at the door.

“Hello class.” The headmaster then turns to the teacher.

“Sorry for disturbing.”

He turns back to the class, smiles, and waves some flyers at us.

“I’m looking forward to a great school year. In my hand, I have the flyers to the school’s first annual swimming team. Now, I don’t want to take much of your time, so I’m going to let the teacher hand it. Goodbye.”

He leaves the class, not looking too thrilled by the fact that school started.

“I hope all of you can come!” The teacher said with a very happy looking smile.

The class is quite impressed, knowing the teacher can actually smile.

“Everyone’s coming except April.” Lizzie snickers, while giving me a dirty look.

I can even see Crystal giggling a little.

“Lizzie, that’s not nice, She’s new here”

The teacher doesn’t want to be mean to Lizzie, because she’s practically every teacher’s pet.

Lizzie shoots back immediately.

“Pshht yeah, new to this world!”

The whole class cracks up, until the teacher speaks.

“LIZZIE I MEAN IT!” The teacher’s face is even redder.

“I’m sorry teacher”

She rolls her eyes, not really looking like she cares.


Sophie’s mind was running with ideas of getting rid of April.

“I’m going to play a prank on Jenny and blame April.”

Sophie grins, looking at a dot she drew on her desk. In fact, she can’t wait to get started.

She raises her hand.

“Teacher, may I go to the bathroom please?”

The teacher raises both his eyebrows, “Sure! Feel free to ask at any time you want.”

“Thanks.” Sophie lets out a little giggle, because of what she was going to do.

Outside the class, Sophie grabs Jenny’s bag, which is beside hers, lined up against the wall.

She unzips the bag, taking one notebook by one, leaving a trail on the floor. She takes quite long, around 10 minutes, putting everything from Jenny’s bag down.

“Heh,” she says with a mean smile, “This will do the trick”

Sophie opens the door, satisfied by what she has done.

“Why did Sophie take so long?” Lizzie says, looking at Crystal with a smile.

“She did a number 2!” Crystal says with a gasp.

Lizzie stands on her desk and shouts.


Sophie blushes, a lighter shade of red than the teacher’s.

“No I didn’t!”

April stands on her desk, shouting too, but she said something different.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


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