A girl

Who is she?


1. A girl

Disparity rises when I see her.

Conflicting stares is all I get.

Who is she? I keep staring back.

Why does she look at me with so much hate?


As I flick another glance at her,

I see the pain in her eyes.

They brim with tears as she looks at me,

She seems like a one who lies.


Her arms are scarred, so are her legs.

But she is so oblivious to everything!

All she does is look at me with hate,

I take a step back, slipping.


But who is this girl?

She seems so familiar yet unknown.

What did I do to her?

Aiming at me point blank, she looks forlorn.


And that’s when the realization dawned on me.

I see her and she sees me.

We are separated by just a single barrier.

And I wonder if you’ve guessed who she is.

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