Harry Styles was my Kik Cyberbully!

Rhiannon is a normal girl... Apart from the fact that she is disabled due to a football accident that happened when she was 8. She has good grades. Well liked by her friends. But is always the easy target for bullying because of her condition. But she doesn't let it show that the bullying hurts her. She has never been cyber bullied before... Until now. Who is her bully? Just she schools hottest jock, Harry Styles. He's the leader of his 'little gang' consisting of his four best friends, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. When Harry's four friends dare him to bully Rhiannon, he agrees to. His way of bullying her? By KiK messenger. He get's to Rhiannon more than he wanted to and starts to drive her insane. By the time he realises what he has done, is it too late to stop? Or has he caused too much damage already?

Act of 2014


5. Meet The Family

Rhiannon's POV


"Zayn! Just tell me where we are going, please?" I begged as Zayn continued driving with a goofy grin on his face.


"We're going to my place. Y'know, to meet my parents." He said plainly but with a warming smile. My mouth dropped open and my eyes grew wide. He noticed my new expression and laughed. "Babe, chill, it'll be cool." He said rubbing my knee a little to reassure me. I nodded my head and looked out the window again. We were driving for what seemed like hours past the woods until Zayn turned and started driving down this bumpy drive I assumed it was. We soon arrived right outside a MASSIVE house. It was lovely! The only thing that wasn't so lovely was the fact that Harry and the other 3 boys where there with Zayn's family waiting outside. I sighed and got out of the car with Zayn. I waited until he came around and started walking up to the huge house with him. He grabbed my hand in plain sight for the boys to see which caused whispers to form from them. "Mum, dad, this is Rhi," Zayn started before turning slightly to face the boys, "my girlfriend." He finished off. Harry's face went bright red in anger. I gave a small wave and a smile to his parents but he could tell I was agitated with Harry's glares he was giving me.


"Well, don't just stand there, come on in!" Zayn's mother said in a friendly tone. I looked up at Zayn and he nodded pulling me up the steps, pushing past Harry and the others.  I haven't been to school in the last few days. I decided to spend some time at home and Zayn ditched just to be with me. 


"So, your the reason our son has been missing school, is it?" Zayn's dad asked me once we were all inside, including the other boys.


"Well, I, um..." I started stuttering thinking Mr Malik would freak out at me.


"I'm joking sweetie. We're glad he's found a nice sweet girl to keep him under control. He hasn't shut up about you once!" Mr Malik said with a slight chuckle.


"Dad!" Zayn groaned. "I told you not to tell her!" He said, a slight blush creeping up onto his cheeks. I giggled a little and held his hand even tighter. I looked  at Niall and he looked kind of crushed in a way. Like he had a hurt expression on his face whereas Liam looked annoyed and Louis and Harry looked pissed as hell. I stepped closer to Zayn and he looked at the boys, giving them death glares. "Look, I don't know what your problem is, but you need to get a God damn grip! Leave her alone alright!" Zayn screamed at the boys. Niall's head snapped from me to him and he nodded his head easing up whereas the other boys stood their ground. Zayn turned me around more so my body was pressed to his and his arms snacked around my small torso. "She's mine and I swear, any of you hurt her, you'll die!" He hissed. He looked down at me lovingly and I saw a whole new protective side of Zany, other than his bad boy ego that I've seen for the past few years. It made me feel safe around him, nothing I've ever felt around any of the five guys before. He leant his forehead onto mine and whispered, "I love you baby." I smiled up at him.


"I love you too." I said. He leaned his head down more and crashed his warm lips to mine. I felt embarrassed at first, but eased up when he stared drawing small circles onto my clothed skin, on each side of my hips. I actually meant what I said too, I do love him. More than I've realised up until now.

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