Harry Styles was my Kik Cyberbully!

Rhiannon is a normal girl... Apart from the fact that she is disabled due to a football accident that happened when she was 8. She has good grades. Well liked by her friends. But is always the easy target for bullying because of her condition. But she doesn't let it show that the bullying hurts her. She has never been cyber bullied before... Until now. Who is her bully? Just she schools hottest jock, Harry Styles. He's the leader of his 'little gang' consisting of his four best friends, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. When Harry's four friends dare him to bully Rhiannon, he agrees to. His way of bullying her? By KiK messenger. He get's to Rhiannon more than he wanted to and starts to drive her insane. By the time he realises what he has done, is it too late to stop? Or has he caused too much damage already?

Act of 2014


3. It Was For The best.

Rhiannon's POV


I sat in the common room by myself just listening to Harry and the others laughing their heads off. I got out my phone and tapped on a random game, not paying any attention to it though because the thoughts in my head were just to overpowering. I looked up and saw my best friends, Justin and Shalena walking towards me, hand-in-hand. I am happy for them, but just a few days ago, that was me and Josh. I just can't push the words out of my head that he said. He was my bodyguard... My protector. He said he would always be there for me... And he broke that promise to me!

"Hey Rhiannon." Justin greeted and sat on the chair opposite me and Shalena sat next to him. I gave a weak smile in response.

"How are you?" Shalena asked, concern evident in her voice.

"Fine thanks." I lied.

"Josh broke up with you, didn't he?" Justin asked.

"How did you know?" I asked, my voice just above a whisper.

"He told us about it..." Shalena explained. I heard a roar of laughter coming from Harry and the other four boys and when I looked over to them, they were all staring intently at me. The bell rang through to common room, and I grabbed my bag.

"What have you got now, Rhi?" Justin asked me. Harry and the others came over to me and Zayn wrapped an arm around me.


Niall's POV


Me and the boys have been playing dares... And my dare is to try and 'seduce' Rhiannon during our Sex Ed class which we have next... This is going to be so fun! Me and the guys started walking over to Rhiannon just to hear what was going on.

"What have you got now, Rhi?" Justin asked Rhiannon. Me, Harry and the others walked over to Justin, Shalena and Rhi and Zayn wrapped an arm around Rhiannon teasingly.

"She's got Sex Ed. with us." Zayn said in a rather amused tone. Rhi gave him a disgusted look and pushed his arm from around her shoulders. She flung her bag over her shoulder as she grabbed her phone and walked out of the common room. Me and the boys caught up with her and we all walked with her, rather closely and teasingly. We knew it would piss her off.

"Aww, is Rhiannon still upset that Joshy dumped her?" Liam mocked. She ignored him and continued walking.

"Rhi, you didn't need him..." Louis said in a kind tone. We all stopped walking and she looked at him to finish what he was saying. "You didn't need him Rhi. If you wanted sex, you could of come to us." Louis said with a smirk. Us boys burst out laughing at Louis... everyone except Rhi found it funny.


Rhiannon's POV


I reached my Sex Ed class with the guys... But when we arrived, there were no seats left by anyone I knew. The only seats that were left were the six seats at the back of the class on the last row. Harry and the others pushed past me and grabbed the seats that they wanted. With only one seat left, I had no choice but to sit in-between the five of them. All throughout the lesson, the guys would try and get my attention. I was just too upset to really pay attention. It was only around 20 minutes left when the teacher said we had to have a group discussion. All the guys moved around me, making me uncomfortable because there were five of them and only one of me. Zayn came closer to one side of me and Harry on the other while Liam, Louis and Niall moved around the other side of the table.

"Rhiannon, you and the boys have the discussion of teen pregnancy." Mr Walker said as he continued calling out random groups for their discussion points. I sighed and slid down in my seat.

"Well? Anyone wanna go first?" I asked.

"Yeah, if you had sex and got pregnant, what would you do? Would you keep it?" Harry asked.

I groaned and answered his question even though I didn't want to. "If I did get pregnant, I think I would keep it. It's not the baby's fault if I got pregnant. So it shouldn't be aborted because of my actions. It would be my problem and I would have to deal with it." I explained. The boys all looked shocked by what I said but were all smirking for some dumb reason.

"So..." Niall started and ran his hand over my knee 'seductively', I guess. "If we had a kid... You would keep it?" He whispered against my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I looked at the boys and saw they were all closer than before, and in a way, trying to reach out to touch me with lust in their eyes...

"I'm not stupid enough to get pregnant deliberately at this age." I said through gritted teeth. Niall's eyes were no-longer looking at my face but rather down low which was annoying me. His hand moved from my knee and he started stroking my inner thigh. It was at that point that it really started pissing me off. He was touching me without my permission... I sprung up from seat, grabbed my bag and ran out of the class. I started walking down the hallway until I felt someone grab my arm softly. I looked around at the person and saw that it was Zayn...


Zayn's POV


After Rhiannon ran out of Sex Ed. the guys gave me a look and I knew it was time for my dare... To try and get Rhiannon by herself, tell her a load of crap saying I feel sorry for her and Josh breaking up, and finally, kiss her. To be completely honest, I don't want to do this to her. She's a really sweet girl and I don't like that the guys are making me do this to her... But here goes nothing...

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