I met an angel

Niall ran away from home and have no idea what a normal life is. He escapes from everything that hurt him and becomes homeless. Harry's the opposite. He has rich parents can afford to throw money at nothing and he lives a good life. Still, it's something with Niall that catches his interest. During the dirty face are a wonderful person and it's not long before Harry realizes who he loves.


23. Want!

The cottage was on the sea and actually it was a wonderful area. Louis showed them the house and where they would sleep. It seemed that he liked the place and his eyes shone like the sun. Harry was careful to keep Nialls hand almost all the time and keep track on was Louis did or didn't. Yet he dropped the idea when the other guys showed up. 
"This is Matt and Diamond." said Louis. "They live a little farther away." 
All greeted each other and Niall felt he might finally also could make friends. It was like arriving in paradise and no one looked askance at anyone.


There were many on the beach, both guys and girls. Several were a couple and seemed to be just as in love as Harry and Niall. Louis was one of the few who was single, but he didn't seem to mind. Matt picked up the beer and when the sun went down all sat and talked as if they knew each other.


Harry sat near Niall and held his arms around his body. It was wonderful to just sit there with the one you loved. 
"Having fun?" he got out. Niall nodded and smiled directly at him. 
"Why did you hesitate in the morning? It's fun to get to know other people?" 
Harry laughed a little bit and kissed his neck. 
"It was just me who wanted you for myself." 
Niall giggled and kissed him gently back on his face. 
"You already have me all by yourself?" 
Harry agreed, but saw Louis. He sat and just stared at them enviously. He didn't seem at all like that Niall was so close to Harry. 
"Maybe I had other reasons?" 
Niall laughed and shook his head. 
"Sometimes you're like a closed book. I don't understand. One day you're friends with Louis and the next day you treat him as if he were an idiot?" 
Harry sighed. 
"I may not trust him?" 
Niall looked at him again and kissed him quickly on the lips. 
"Learn to trust others?"
Harry answered the kiss and pressed his boyfriend closer to him. 
"I love you!" 
Niall smiled. 
"I love you more than you can even imagine!"


Matt came up to them and smiled big. 
"What fun with new faces. We are a group who have been together a long time now, but it's hard to find more to join in." 
Harry smiled at him. 
"Louis invited us." 
Matt sat down beside them and smiled big. 
"Yes, he belongs to those who seem to remain single. Usually we sometimes joke that he just plays as if he's gay and want a girl instead."
Niall laughed a little bit, but Harry frowned. Louis was gay and he had interest straight at Niall. That part didn't he take with Matt because he didn't know him that well. 
"I live here year round." Matt proceeded. "I like it here and aren't very interested in the big city." 
They continued to chat and Matt was nice. He seemed to know a little about everything.


Harry continued to sit close to Niall. Louis had released some of the interest but seemed to still keep track of what Niall did. 
"Do you have toilets?" Niall asked suddenly, and Matt nodded. 
"Louis has one on the cottage and it's the closest one." 
Niall gave Harry a kiss and a crooked smile. 
"I'll be back soon darling!"


"You love him?" Matt whispered as soon as Niall was gone. Harry nodded and smiled. 
"Yes, he's the only one for me." 
Matt nodded with satisfaction. 
"It's difficult to get hold of nice guys nowadays." 
Harry nodded weakly and noted that Louis still was sitting by the fire. 
"Yes and difficult to have them in peace?" 
Matt saw who he peeked on and smiled weakly. 
"I saw his eyes towards Niall, but I don't think you need to worry. Niall seems to only see you and he loves you." 
Harry was surprised and looked at Matt. Had he seen how Louis was? 
"Yes, he likes to flirt?" 
Matt laughed. 
"Actually, no.! This is the first time I've seen him in that way. He's usually the one who doesn't care about the other guys."
Harry sighed. 
"But why Niall?" 
Matt laughed a little bit and seemed almost amused. 
"You don't see what a great boyfriend you have? Louis isn't the only one who had spotted him in this evening, but there's no one here who wants to go over the limit and flirt with him."


Niall puffed out when he had peed. He really had to go to the bathroom and it felt good, and as a relief. He dried himself, flushed and washed his hands. Then he opened the door and was surprised when Louis stood there. 
"I didn't hear you knock?" Niall got out himself and was about to leave the toilet. Louis smiled a little bit and stopped him. 
"I just wanted to talk to you." 
Niall looked at him and was surprised. 
"With me?"
Louis stood almost too close to Niall and leaned against him. 
"Yes, about you and your so-called boyfriend." 
Niall swallowed and frowned. 
Louis nodded and backed Niall into the bathroom again. He closed the door and almost pushed him up against the wall. 
"He tells everyone that you were homeless and that he saved you. He seems to believe that it's thanks to him that you're alive?"
Niall was shocked. Told Harry really everyone about Nialls past? And Harry felt that he had saved Niall? Okay, he had but Niall had managed without Harry and survived anyway. 
"I don't believe you." 
Louis didn't seem to give up the chance he now had. He took his hands around Nialls waist and pressed himself lightly against him. His lips almost caressed Nialls cheek. 
"I'm not like Harry. I don't care who you were or who rescued whom. You chose the wrong boyfriend."

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