I met an angel

Niall ran away from home and have no idea what a normal life is. He escapes from everything that hurt him and becomes homeless. Harry's the opposite. He has rich parents can afford to throw money at nothing and he lives a good life. Still, it's something with Niall that catches his interest. During the dirty face are a wonderful person and it's not long before Harry realizes who he loves.


8. The night

Liam and Zayn looked askance at Niall at first. It was as if they didn't knew if they would accept him or not. Harry got tired of their eyes and leaned over the table to them. 
"He's a new friend, let him be one of us." 
Liam was still uncertain. 
"But he looks so ... boyish?" 
Harry nodded a little bit. 
"Some people don't look like us but he's more man than you will ever be."
Harry couldn't care about them the hole evening. Niall was perfect and he had put on new clothes. Harry had lent him a black jacket, he had a white shirt and black pants. Niall had managed to bring order to the hair and he actually looked as a rich kid. The only difference between Niall and everyone else was that he looked frightened. He dared not to look at the girls in tight dresses and he constantly sought after protection. He didn't want to be seen and he hardly dared to touch the beer that stood before him. 
"Come on Niall!" Harry got out of himself and smiled at him. "Everything isn't about money, but also about how you are as a person."
Niall met his gaze. 
"But they all look so perfect?" 
Harry laughed a little bit and shook directly on the head. 
"There are girls who works in factories. There are guys who think they are above all others, but they are working on another plant. Just because they look rich, doesn't mean they are. All plays and everyone has a role."
Harry just loved the Irishman more and more. It was as if he came from another planet and barely had lived among humans. Niall was like a flower just waiting to blossom and Harry wanted to allow him to become a man.


After a few beers Niall began to relax. He was talking to Liam and Zayn like they were best friends. The only thing he didn't was to look at the girls. Harry liked that part of Niall. He didn't have to see the girls. He could looked at the guys instead and maybe even see that Harry really started to fall in love with him. Niall had a smile that shines through the entire room. His eyes were so blue that Harry could drown into them and the whole Nialls body was so perfect. Okay he was a bit above to sit nicely, but Harry was sure it was going to change.


Eventually all the guys went out on the dance floor and danced. Niall was at first a little awkward, but after a while he managed to keep the pace in the songs. Harry couldn't let go of Niall with his eyes, and he saw also a lot of girls who felt the same. Niall was just himself and that was that side that Harry just loved.


Middle of the night went Niall home with Harry. He was intoxicated and he talked wildly about everything. Harry just laughed and looked so that Niall ended up in the right taxi. 
"You're crazy!" he got out, but Niall just laughed and swung his arms. 
"I'm not crazy, yeah maybe I'm a little crazy?" 
Harry just laughed and made sure the taxi went in the right direction. 
"Did you have fun?" 
Niall paused and seemed to think. 
"Putting aside that some girls hung over me, that was fun!"


Harry almost carry Niall into the bedroom and he laid him down on the bed. Niall mumlad something about angels and that heaven was around the corner. Then he fell asleep. Harry couldn't help. He stayed and started slowly undressing Nialls his clothes. He got off his shoes, pants, jacket and shirt. When Niall just lay with his underwear on, Harry let a hand gently glide over his stomach. The skin was so soft and so smooth. Full Niall was created directly from the hand of God. He had little hair on his chest and Harry smiled at the thought of getting hiding his nose in the hair. He wanted to have sex with the Irish, but knew that he couldn't use him. Harry didn't want to be like the other guys in Nialls life. Harry wanted to be special and mean something to the guy. Yet Harry couldn't help himself. He lifted gently on the underpants and looked at Nialls member. It was as perfect as it lay down and Harry pined for it. He really was quite charmed by Niall and couldn't let him go from his mind. Harry chose to do the right thing. He put the blanket over Nialls body and turned out the light. Then he left him and went into his own bedroom.


Harry couldn't sleep. In front of him he saw Nialls naked body and in the imagination did they do it all. He felt that he had boner and directly he got mad at himself. He didn't want to force Niall to something else and he didn't want that the Irishman would think that he paid back with sex.

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