I met an angel

Niall ran away from home and have no idea what a normal life is. He escapes from everything that hurt him and becomes homeless. Harry's the opposite. He has rich parents can afford to throw money at nothing and he lives a good life. Still, it's something with Niall that catches his interest. During the dirty face are a wonderful person and it's not long before Harry realizes who he loves.


22. The morning

Harry liked Louis and they immediately began to talk about everything in their lives. Niall was tired and went almost directly to bed. Harry picked up wine and gave some to Louis and himself. They talked about parents, friends and everything else. 


"You have a pretty boyfriend!" Louis suddenly got out himself and seemed almost embarrassed. "He's cute in one of those boyish way." 
Harry agreed. 
"But he's mine and you can't have him." 
Louis had already understood that fact. 
"You have luck in love. How did you meet?" 
Harry didn't know if he would be honest or not. 
"Out on the street." he got out himself and caught Louis interest. 
"on the street?" 
Harry gulped and looked down at his hands. 
"Yes, I let Niall live with me and then there was love between us."
Louis looked at him and seemed to want to know more. 
"So you met him on the street? Did you or he do something sexual or something?" 
Harry shook his head. 
"No Niall was homeless." 
There was silence and Louis didn't at first believe him. Harry explained briefly how they had met and immediately seemed Louis not to believe in him. He sat and looked toward the stairs, prompting Harry to wonder why. 
"He's like you and I, but only have a shitty background." he got out. Louis didn't let the stairs with his eyes, he seemed to ponder. 
"So Niall got just you?" 
Harry nodded weakly. 
"And I basically got just him." 
Louis looked at Harry again and drank some of the wine. He looked at him for a moment and seemed to think about the truth. 
"And Niall is gay?"
Harry had to laugh a little.
"Yes, he's with me." 
Louis smiled weakly and looked away in thought. Direct sensed Harry that he was thinking about Niall and he got a little angry. 
"Niall is mine and forget that I let him go." 
Louis blushed immediately and looked at him. 
"I'm sorry, but he seems to be such a special person?" 
Harry nodded instantly. 
"And he's unique, he's mine and nobody else's."


Harry still got an uncomfortable feeling in the body. When Louis left the apartment, Harry surmised that he was more than interested in Niall. This meant that he locked the door and wished he hadn't been more credulous against Louis, and listened to Niall.


Harry crawled into bed and took direct his arms around Nialls body. He lay down near him and Niall smiled sleepy. 
"I thought you'd be up all night?" 
Harry smiled and shook his head. 
"No, I wanted to go to bed." 
Niall closed his eyes again and seemed to almost fall asleep. Harry wondered if he should tell him about the conversation with Louis, or not? In a way he wanted it, but at the same time it didn't matter. Niall would still stay and he was not interested in anyone but Harry.


In the morning crept Niall into Harry's arms and kissed him until he woke up. 
"You need to wake up honey." 
Harry smiled and opened his eyes. He met directly two wonderful blue eyes and he smiled with his whole face. 
"Do I?" 
Niall laughed and nodded. He lay down on top of Harry and began to kiss his neck. Harry groaned lightly and took his arms around Nialls waist. 
"What time is it?" 
Niall didn't answer, and slowly he began to let his hands caress Harrys body. Harry enjoyed and did the same back. Then they kissed, and they both became agitated. Harry moved his hips against Niall and felt that their hard members stood straight out. He took gently down Nialls underpants and got him to go like crazy. Niall let his tongue slip into Harry's lips and he groaned. Harry smiled and started playing with his tongue. He let his hands massaging Nialls both buttocks and he continued to rub up against his body. It wasn't long before Niall took of Harry's pants and spread his legs. Harry knew instantly what Niall wanted and he let him continue.


The doorbell rang and direct startled both Niall and Harry. They ended to do what they did and just looked at each other. 
"Should we open the door?" asked Niall and seemed not to like. Harry sighed and nodded. 
"It may be dad or someone." 
Niall groaned lightly and rolled off him. Harry quickly took his clothes on and went to the hall. He was surprised when Louis stood outside the door and he had with him buns. 
"I just wanted to apologize for yesterday." 
Harry grunted and didn't know if he would let him in, but Louis smiled and didn't give up.


They went into the kitchen and Louis talked as if they knew each other more closely. Harry put the kettle on and tried to be nice. He put put some teacups on the table and Louis sat down and talked further about life in general. 


Niall came into the kitchen and he was just wearing pants. His torso was naked, which directly got Louis to be silenced. Harry realized why and swallowed. 
"Niall, go and put on a sweater." 
Niall didn't seem to understand him and gave him a quick kiss. Then he gave Louis a quick glance. 
"So you'll continue to talk?" 
Louis didn't release Nialls body with his eyes and he looked generally stupid. 
"No, you can talk!"
Niall just sighed and sat down on the other side of the table. He wasn't  eager to talk to Louis and he believed that he had come for Harry's sake. Louis just stared at him, but Niall didn't notice anything. It got Harry to be annoyed, but he didn't dare say anything when all three were in the same room. He poured out the tea water and took out the tea bags. Niall chose tea and put in a little sugar into the cup, he then proceeded to sit rapt in thought.

"I have a summer house!" Louis got from him when Harry sat down. "Can we go there today and do something?" 
Harry sighed and didn't know what to say. He still saw that Louis chose Nialls body before anything else and it got him to just be on his guard. 
"I don't know ..." he got out. Louis released Niall and met Harry's gaze. 
"There are other gays there. It's a place where you can be who you are and it's so nice to meet everyone!"
Niall looked up and seemed curious. 
"You mean as Harry and me?" 
Louis nodded and looked at the blonde boy. 
"Yes, and everyone is nice. We grill sausages, sitting and drinking beer and talking around a fire. It's so fun and everyone is so nice." 
Niall looked at Harry and he seemed to like it. Harry just stared at them and hesitated. 
"But maybe we should do something else today?" 
Niall sighed. 
"Why not go there? I don't mind getting to know the guys who are gay, but then you must come along." 
Eventually it became like Louis wanted. They were going to the house and sleep over.

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