I met an angel

Niall ran away from home and have no idea what a normal life is. He escapes from everything that hurt him and becomes homeless. Harry's the opposite. He has rich parents can afford to throw money at nothing and he lives a good life. Still, it's something with Niall that catches his interest. During the dirty face are a wonderful person and it's not long before Harry realizes who he loves.


2. Helping

Harry got direct view of the dirty guy. He was blond, slender, and his clothes were anything but stylish. He stood at the bus stop across the street, but he never took any bus. Instead he just stood there and stared. Harry drank the tea and looked at the clock. He's bus was coming in half an hour, but didn't want to stand outdoors in the rain. Harry let his eyes drift back to the dirty guy. He seemed to feel lost and he didn't seemed to have no place to go to. For some reason Harry couldn't stop staring. People came and went. Many ran past the guy and didn't even notice him. Sometimes he stretched out a dirty hand to possibly scrounge up a few bucks. But no one gave him anything. Harry sighed and wondered why no one cared. The guy looked young and seemed to be in Harry's own age. His hair was blond and unkempt. You could see by the hair roots that he had bleached the hair one time. Harry asked directly if the guy had been living on the street for long?


Everyday life took over and Harry hurried to the bus home. He jumped right into the shower and made himself then in order. His buddies had invited him to the theater and it would be a rollicking evening. Liam came as always exactly when he would he then slotted into the hall. 
"Are you ready?" 
Harry nodded and put his jacket on. He was wearing everything that made him perfectly and he followed with Liam down to the car. Harry belonged to the popular gang, and he knew he would get in anywhere. His parents were rich and they had always made ​​sure that he got everything he wanted. Maybe he was spoiled, but he wasn't the one who forced them to buy things for him. It just happened. Harry's friends were Liam and Zayn. The three guys were as London's musketeers and they fought against the bad things. At least they used to joke about it.


After the theater went they down to the disco. Everyone was there, in all cases, all that mattered. The boys invited the girls to drink a lot and as thank the girls could go with any guy home. Harry was never the one that brought home girls, because he found them uninteresting. He did more like to look at guys, but nobody knew about it. He kept it a secret from everyone and only his mother knew about it. She had warned him several times to go out with it.


At night Harry went home alone in a taxi. The streets were cold and wet. There was hardly anyone there and only police cars chased after drugs or drunk people. Still caught a person his eye. In the rain was that guy. As dirty as before. This time, Harry felt more pity. He asked the taxi to stop and wait for him, then he jumped out of the car and almost ran to the homeless guy. 
"Hello? Excuse me!" he screamed and the guy startled direct. He turned around and looked frightened. His blue eyes were wide open and he seemed to think that Harry would rob him. 
"Would you just listen?" panted Harry and stopped by his side. He picked up a couple of bills from his pocket and put them in his guys hand. "You need them more than me." 
He seemed to be happy, but didn't show it. Instead, he looked wide-eyed down at the money and then surprised up at Harry. 
Harry didn't understand what he would say. Why? Because he felt pity, but it was a pretty silly excuse. 
"I saw you before today." he got instead of himself. "I saw you standing at the bus stop down town and no one noticed you. I saw you now when I would go home and now I have time to give you money." 
The guy seemed surprised and just stared at Harry. 
"So you mean that I really do get the money?" 
Harry smiled weakly and nodded at him. 
"If you promise to buy food?" 
The guy smiled weakly and nodded. Harry noticed how charming smile he really had, and his blue eyes sparkled in the light. 
"Okay, I promise!"
The blond boy gently put down the money in his pocket and seemed happy. Harry knew he could do more for him, but he didn't dare ask to help him more.


A sense of guilt remained in Harry's stomach, and when he came home to the house, he felt pretty bad. He took off his clothes and crawled into bed. He couldn't let the blond guy off his mind and he turned around in bed. Would he have done anything more? Perhaps invited him home and showered him? Maybe Harry could give the blonde guy clothes and lucid shoes? Just to calm down, he told himself that he would do it. The next time he saw the blonde guy, he would arrange everything for his sake. He would make sure he didn't look so dirty and that he got the whole clothing on the body.

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