I met an angel

Niall ran away from home and have no idea what a normal life is. He escapes from everything that hurt him and becomes homeless. Harry's the opposite. He has rich parents can afford to throw money at nothing and he lives a good life. Still, it's something with Niall that catches his interest. During the dirty face are a wonderful person and it's not long before Harry realizes who he loves.


21. Hate

Harry wanted to celebrate his new life and for the sake, he took me Niall out one evening. They walked hand in hand for the first time openly and was in a good mood. They came forward to the disco, where Harry used to go with Liam and Zayn. 
"We can go to another place." whispered Niall but Harry was sure. 
"If I don't dare to show my life for all, how am I supposed to go to another place?" 
Niall partly agreed but realized that Harry's friends would be there and Niall knew that Liam wasn't exactly fond of the Irish.


There were many people inside the disco. Many looked askance at Niall, but seemed to know Harry. They walked over to a table and Harry was sure to sit close to Niall. They ordered in beer and sat and talked about the apartment and other things. 
"So the gays are out?" 
Zayn came up to the table and didn't like to see them. He put his hands on the table and leaned against the guys. 
"There are dirty clubs where you can go? Here are all normal." 
Harry stood immediately up and looked coldly at his former friend. 
"You know as well as me that we can go here." 
Zayn stood near Harry and looked coldly into his eyes. There was tension between them and Niall were almost frightened. 
"Idiots!" hissed Zayn and didn't give up. "If I were you, I would go from this aria, otherwise you can get in trouble. You and your boyfriend." 
The last words he filled in with hatred.
"We stay!" 
Harry didn't seem to give up. Niall wondered if it was as such a good idea to tease others, but he didn't dare say anything. Instead, he noted that even Liam came up to the table. He walked between the guys and spread them, then he looked at Zayn. 
"Take it easy!" 
Zayn didn't want to cool down. 
"But should we just accept that gays come in here and makes us sick?" 
Liam looked coldly at Harry and Niall, then he pulled away Zayn and seemed to whisper something to him. Harry immediately began to suspect that they planned something. 
"Maybe we should go." he whispered and took Nialls hand. "Come on!"


They didn't get more than out to the street until a strange guy came up with them. He was thin, looked generally mischievous, but was serious. 
"Excuse me, but if I were you two I wouldn't go home." 
Harry stopped and met his gaze. 
The guy came up to them and smiled uncertainly. 
"I heard them talking about that a bunch of idiots and waiting for you. I have a car over here and cab drive you home, or wherever you want to go?" 
Niall became suspicious. 
"Who are you?" 
The guy smiled weakly. 
"My name is Louis and I don't know if you remember me, but I also tend to come here and hang out sometimes."
Harry held Nialls hand tightly. 
"And why should we trust you?" 
Louis seemed to understand the dilemma and seemed to ponder. 
"What have you got to lose?" 
Harry had no good answer. 
"And you drive us home? Nowhere else?" 
Louis shook his head and showed up both hands in the air. 
"I promise, I will drive you home and everyone is happy?" 
Niall gulped but saw that Harry was on the idea. 
"Are we really going?" Niall whispered, but got no response. Instead, pulled Harry with him and went after Louis to the car park.


Niall sat quietly in the back seat and listened when Harry and Louis talked. They seemed to have the same sense of humor and almost forgot Niall. 
"So how long have you been a couple?" Louis got out in the end. Harry appeared to remember that he had his boyfriend in the back and smiled weakly. 
"It's fairly new, but a few months." 
Louis smiled and quickly looked back at Niall. 
"I must admit I was surprised when I heard about you. Liam spread rapidly out that Mr Styles had been gay and was dating a blonde guy." 
Niall blushed slightly and looked down at his hands, but Harry just laughed. 
"And? Just because I don't choose to live like everyone else, it doesn't mean that I'm more crazy than Liam?" 
Louis agreed. 
"He really got something against those like us." 
Both Niall and Harry balked. 
"Like us?" 
Louis laughed again and nodded. 
"I'm also gay, but I haven't had a boyfriend yet. And I don't talk about it to idiots like Liam or Zayne."
Harry smiled at him. 
"Join us at home for a while?" 
Niall didn't like the idea, but he was quiet as a mouse. Louis said yes and seemed to like to hang out with Harry. Niall just felt left out and looked down at his hands. This wasn't the night that he had in mind.

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