I met an angel

Niall ran away from home and have no idea what a normal life is. He escapes from everything that hurt him and becomes homeless. Harry's the opposite. He has rich parents can afford to throw money at nothing and he lives a good life. Still, it's something with Niall that catches his interest. During the dirty face are a wonderful person and it's not long before Harry realizes who he loves.


7. Friends?

Niall woke up and thought he was in heaven. He lay so perfectly on the mattress and he didn't want to leave the bed. The quilt was so soft and the pillow was like soft cotton products. Niall just enjoyed the moment, but heard that Harry was up. It wasn't long before a head was stuck in the door and two curious eyes looked at him. 
"Are you awake?" 
Niall nodded and smiled weakly. Harry came into the room and seemed to look at him. 
"Wash your body and put on deodorant. I have planned some today for your sake. All you need is to eat breakfast first." 
Niall sat up in bed and nodded at him. 
"Okay, but I have no shoes?" 
Harry giggled and seemed to look at his bare skin. Niall felt almost naked but realized that he actually only had underwear on. He pulled up the covers and immediately blushed Harry. 
"Dress yourself and then come down."


Niall was surprised. Harry lent him a pair of nice white sneakers and he got a new warm jacket. Then Harry showed him out and they took a taxi down to the city. It was as if Harry really had planned and the first stop became at a hairdresser. Nialls hair was trimmed and lightly bleached. Harry was constantly by his side and inspected everything closely. It went as Harry wanted and Niall just enjoyed getting just a haircut.


Then Harry did so that Niall got new shoes, a pair of his own and another jacket. Niall was stunned and realized that he would get a whole new wardrobe. Harry paid for everything and finally stood Niall with several bags in his hands. Harry smiled big and seemed not to care that it cost. 
"Now you've got probably it all?"


When they returned to the house rang Harry's mobile and he seemed annoyed at the person who called. 
"But come on Liam. If I miss one evening, it's not the whole world?" 
Niall put down all the bags in the hall and swallowed. It felt like he was in the way, but Harry showed him the thumbs up. He put on the phone and smiled big. 
"My friends are always eager to go out and flirting with girls, but I don't feel like it today." 
Niall swallowed. 
"You may if you wish? I can go and lie down in the bed. Nonetheless, it's a wonderful bed and ...." 
Harry interrupted him. 
"Listen to me!" he said seriously. "I want to stay home tonight and we can have fun here?"

Niall realized how different they were as people. Harry had it all. He had friends, money and a big house. What did Niall have? The clothes that Harry had bought and it felt so wrong. 
"But I can go with you?" he received. Harry stopped and hesitated. Niall understood why Harry hesitated. Who wanted to go out with Niall? Even if the hair was neat and he had a clean body, Niall was still a bum.
"But they are crazy!" whispered Harry uncertainly. "You wouldn't have fun with them." 
Niall looked down on the floor and realized that he wasn't good enough as a friend. Maybe that Harry wasn't even looking to become friends with Niall. Harry might just wanted to prove to himself that he could be kind and give a homeless a life?


Harry seemed to read Nialls thoughts. He came up to him and gave him a soft hug. Niall replied the hug and felt how Harry let his lips almost caress his ear. 
"Okay Niall, if that's what you want? I'm taking you out, but you must promise not to vanish away and you tell me if it's boring?" 
Niall nodded weakly and was surprised how long the hug was. It was as if Harry wouldn't let him off. Niall saw that Harry's face was red as he finally released him. He avoided Nialls look and backed instantly away.
"We go out!"

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