I met an angel

Niall ran away from home and have no idea what a normal life is. He escapes from everything that hurt him and becomes homeless. Harry's the opposite. He has rich parents can afford to throw money at nothing and he lives a good life. Still, it's something with Niall that catches his interest. During the dirty face are a wonderful person and it's not long before Harry realizes who he loves.


10. Feelings

Harry woke to the television showed a film. He looked directly at Niall, who was sleeping next to him and he just felt the love in the whole body. Niall lay on his back and he had his face turned toward Harry. He was so beautiful and peaceful. Harry came to think about what Niall had said. He saw Harry as an angel, but Harry didn't see any angel and didn't feel like one. He just wanted to seduce Niall and he wanted to feel his skin. It was as if Harry had a good side and a bad side. He wondered if Niall ever wanted to have sex and if he was interested in guys. Think if the Irish wanted to have a girlfriend? Harry wished with all his heart that Niall wanted a boyfriend and that he would one day realize that Harry was the guy he wanted.


"Good morning!" Harry said as soon as Niall opened his eyes and looked at him. Niall smiled weakly and stretched on the body. Harry just wanted to throw himself over him, kiss him, fondling him and get him to enjoy a moment. It wasn't the time to do it, but Harry couldn't stop fantasizing. 
"What time is it?" Niall mumbled. Harry smiled at him and couldn't care. The only thing that was important was that Niall was there and he was feeling good.
"What do you think of today?" Harry asked and smiled big. Niall yawned and seemed to collect himself. He sat up and covered went down from his chest. Harry looked at his naked skin and couldn't take his eyes off Nialls skin. So perfect! 
"I don't feel bad." Niall mumbled and seemed to try to wake up. "I must get out and walk."
Harry liked that idea. 
"Okay, then we say so? Let's go out and walk?" 
Niall laughed a little bit and met his gaze. 


 It was a lovely weather outside and Harry enjoyed it as much as he could. They walked along the street and ended up in the park. Families was out walking and at the playground playing children. Harry sat down on a bench and got Niall to do the same. 
"Good day." Niall got out himself and Harry could do nothing but agree. He saw that the Irishman looked towards the playground and he had a dreamy look. 
"What are you thinking?" 
Niall blushed slightly and hesitated. Then he smiled weakly. 
"The playground was my bedroom." he whispered. "I always went there when I was cold and it was like I had a home." 
Harry was losing his breath. He just stared at Niall and then he looked over at the kids who climbed up to the little houses. 
"Are you serious?"
Niall looked down at his hands and nodded. 
"Do you want to know why I live on the street?" 
Harry nodded and was glad to Niall trusted him. Niall gulped and then met his gaze. 
"My mother died when I was a kid and my dad was more interested in booze than taking care of me. He beat me and made stuff to me. He gave me no food, and he hated me." Niall swallowed again and continued. "I ran away because he was about to kill me." 
Harry didn't know what to say. It felt so distant to hear of such dads. 
"Okay ..." he got out. "And do you have any siblings or relatives?" 
Niall shook directly on the head. 
"I had a brother, but he disappeared. Nobody knows where he is and I guess he did the right thing? I wouldn't want my worst enemy lived with my dad."
Harry felt only pity and he looked at Niall with understanding. It was difficult to understand how Nialls life had been, and Harry himself had never even been afraid of his parents. He respected them but he wasn't exactly afraid of them. 
"So there's no one who misses you?" 
Niall shook his head and smiled weakly. 
"I had hardly any friends and there was no one who cared about me." 
Harry tried to smile and he put his hand comfortingly on Nialls shoulder. 
"Niall, I promise to care and you may stay as long as you want in my house." 
Niall met his gaze and nodded weakly. 
"But I want to be able to pay back for all that you do for me?" 
Harry shook directly on the head. 
"It's enough that you are you and that I get the honor to be with you."
Harry wanted to say that he wanted Niall, he wanted to love him and be his partner, but as always Harry dared not to admit that part. Instead, he tried to hide the emotions and when Niall hugged him, he tried not to even think about it.
"Harry you're the best friend I ever had." 
It was as if the world was spinning around. The people in the park disappeared and there was nobody else there than Niall. Harry felt his arms, his hands and Nialls cheek against his neck. It tingled all over and he instantly felt to kiss him. In order to not go over the limit, he released Niall quickly. 
"Thank you!"


Harry saw Niall in new eyes. He realized that he had to be careful with the blonde boy. Harry wanted to protect him, make sure nothing happened to him and he wanted that Niall would feel good again. Not only outward but also inward. They walked slowly on the street and the whole world revolved only around Niall. Harry couldn't stop looking at him, listening to his wonderful voice and be near him. He wished that he dared to say as it was. He wanted to one day work up the courage and tell or describe what he felt. Niall was so much more than just a friend. He was everything! 


"When I was sleeping on the street, I used to dream of a home." Niall confessed, looking up at Harry. "I dreamed of a warm bed, a kitchen and a toilet. You gave it to me and I am grateful." 
Harry smiled at him. 
"I know!" 
Niall smiled back and looked down at the ground. 
"You're like my brother, though we aren't related."



Harry didn't want to be like a brother. He didn't want to be like a friend. He wanted to be everything more. He wanted that Niall would love him, crave for him and dream about him. Harry didn't want to be a simple brother or friend. It wasn't enough! He wanted everything! He wanted Nialls body and soul. He wanted to feel his skin and he wanted to get Niall to scream of lust. It was so much Harry wanted to do, but he wouldn't want to just be a friend.

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