I met an angel

Niall ran away from home and have no idea what a normal life is. He escapes from everything that hurt him and becomes homeless. Harry's the opposite. He has rich parents can afford to throw money at nothing and he lives a good life. Still, it's something with Niall that catches his interest. During the dirty face are a wonderful person and it's not long before Harry realizes who he loves.


14. Anne and Des

Harry had made sure that everything was perfect when his parents came. Niall looked like a rich guy and had understood that they had to be secret with the relationship. As soon as Anne and Des came in the door, he behaved like a good son. They eyed Niall and seemed to go along with the lie. 
"Nice to see one of Harry's friends." said Anne, and seemed to like Nialls appearance. "It's not often that we can come for a visit." 
Niall seemed calm and he smiled big. 
"It's my honor to meet you. Harry bar told me so much about his parents and how much you care about him." 
Des laughed and batted Niall on his back with his hand. 
"Boys are boys and it doesn't matter what we do for him. He wants to be free, and certainly not take over dad's company." 
Niall just stared at him, but came up with a faint smile. 
"Yes, it takes quite a lot to take over?"

Harry showed them to the dinner aria and all sat down. He saw at Niall that the Irishman was tense and he looked at everyone else before he took the fork and the knife in his hand. Yet he managed to eat nicely and he sat up straight. 
"So where are your parents from?" asked Anne, looking straight at Niall. There was silence for a few seconds, and Harry thought it would derail, but Niall managed to stay in his skin. 
"We come from ireland and dad owns a large factory there." 
"What do they makes over there?" asked Des and Harry saw that Niall got to think. 
Niall nodded and seemed to have come up with a good lie. 
"Luxury yachts that rich people want. They range from ordinary small to large bespoke boats."
Anne nodded direct approbation and she believed him. 
"How interesting. Who's your daddy?" 
Niall seemed to almost choke. 
"Bobby Horan!" 
Anne thought about it. 
"I don't think I've heard that name before. Is he famous?" 
Niall gulped and gave Harry a quick glance. 
"Well, in Ireland all know him, but it's hard to make a name for themselves here in England." 
She nodded and seemed to understand. 
"Yes, but I should have heard his name in my friends' circles. They buying boats, but the boats come from Italy."
Niall nodded. 
"You hear yourself?" he got out. "Many people choose countries far away and it's a tough business to have."


Harry was impressed by Niall. The Irishman was able to convince Anne and Des that he came from a rich family. He managed to put up a good face and he managed to take care of himself all the time. It was a struggle, but Niall succeeded!


When evening came and they finally left the house, Niall puffed out. Harry was so proud that he threw himself over the Irishman and hugged him tightly.
"You are so perfect!"
Niall blushed slightly and replied the hug.
"I had a little trouble, but I managed to do it?"
Harry almost wanted to cry and he nodded with satisfaction. He looked straight into Nialls eyes and felt his whole body was in rebellion.
"You're damn amazing and wonderful. I just love you like you are and that's so incredible that you did it all for me...."
Niall smiled with his whole face and swallowed. Harry kissed him hard and pulled him directly against himself. It was just luck in his body and Niall was all that he wanted.

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