I met an angel

Niall ran away from home and have no idea what a normal life is. He escapes from everything that hurt him and becomes homeless. Harry's the opposite. He has rich parents can afford to throw money at nothing and he lives a good life. Still, it's something with Niall that catches his interest. During the dirty face are a wonderful person and it's not long before Harry realizes who he loves.


3. A good day

Niall couldn't believe his eyes. He hid behind a corner and picked up the money again. A strange guy had just arrived and gave them to him and Niall didn't have to do anything. Niall just stared at the notes and shine like a sun. He planned direct to eat edited foods, drink soda, and maybe even buy water, so that he had something to drink during the day. He put down the money into his pocket and pulled up the zipper. Now he was rich and had to make sure no one robbed him. Niall felt almost like a normal guy, because he now had a reason to go into the grocery store.


As soon as the sun rose over the horizon Niall stood outside the small shop. He who opened the shop viewed obliquely at Niall, but Niall played like he was accustomed to enter some shops. He went straight away to the drink, then he picked up bread and some water in bottles. He enjoyed the richness and walked toward the checkout. He took with him some candy, because he felt that he could afford it. It felt strange to leave the store with a bag of stuff in and immediately went Niall to the park. He went into the trees and into the cave, which few knew about. Then he had a party. He ate bread, sweets and drank until he was satisfied. It was a wonderful feeling and this day was the best day of his life.


Life was much easier when they were measured. Niall was in a great mood and felt like a normal person again. He sat in the park and looked away towards the families that went around. Okay, he lacked the sense of a family, but he did well on his own. No one told Niall that he was an asshole and no one hit him. Niall had learned not to walk on certain streets during the night and he had learned to see the warning signs of people who were dangerous. A few times, he had to almost being raped, but he had screamed and kicked until the person released him. Although he had been beaten when he happened to be hiding in a stairwell, but after that he kept away from doors. If he wanted to survive, he had to adapt.


Niall took the opportunity to walk past a hot dog stand and bought a sausage in bread. Memories from when his mom still was alive turned up and he smiled at the memory. His mom had been wonderful and she had made sure that Niall had clean clothes. She had fed him and hugged him when he was scared. When she died, everything changed. Nialls dad lost his job and then he started to drink beer all day. All the anger he felt got over Niall and he really hated his son. Niall had to learn to accept blow and he learned that he wasn't worth anything. Niall chose to flee. One evening, his dad was holding up a knife and showed that he wasn't afraid to use it. Niall realized he had two choices. Either he would be killed or he would survive. Niall chose to survive.


When you are satisfied and feel good everything looks much brighter. Niall liked this day to walk along the street and he liked seeing everyone walking past him. He stopped and listened to street musicians. It sounded good when they were playing and he noticed that the music made him happier. Talk about that money buys happiness!

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