I met an angel

Niall ran away from home and have no idea what a normal life is. He escapes from everything that hurt him and becomes homeless. Harry's the opposite. He has rich parents can afford to throw money at nothing and he lives a good life. Still, it's something with Niall that catches his interest. During the dirty face are a wonderful person and it's not long before Harry realizes who he loves.


27. A contest

Niall was so nervous that he was shaking. Harry chose to sit in the audience and he held both thumbs that it would go all the way. Niall had practiced so much that he knew everything by heart and he had a good voice.


Niall took the guitar over his chest and walked out on stage. Those who decided who went ahead looked suspiciously at him, but Niall decided to give Harry more attention. He sat on the chair in the middle of the stage, adjusted his microphone and then he played the intro. With a pure voice he began to sing. 
"Your hand fits in mine, Like it's made ​​just for me, But bear this in mind, It was meant to be, And I'm joining up the dots, With the freckles on your cheeks, And it all makes sense to me! "
In the beginning, Niall voice was shaky, but gradually he became more confident and Harry heard how everyone whispered that he did good. Harry couldn't let go of Niall with his eyes and he was almost in tears. It was as if Niall was born to be on stage, but no one had found him yet. 
"I will not let These little things slip out of my mouth, But if I do, it's you, Oh it's you, They add up to, I'm in love with you, And All These little things ..."
Niall let his eyes slide over to Harry and he smiled weakly. Harry felt how his own heart was pounding and it was as if Niall sang to him. At the end of the song looked Niall just at Harry and they held on to each other's glances. 
"You'll never love yourself, Half as much as I love you, You'll never treat yourself right, darlin ', But I want you to, If I let you know, I'm here for you, Maybe you'll love yourself, Like I love you,,,! "


When Niall was done with the singing it was heard applause throughout the place, and Niall was surprised. He sat and just gaped, but after a while he calmed down. 
"Thank you!" he said into the microphone and turned his face to the jury. They stood up and they clapped too. The first thought that went through Nialls head was that he wouldn't get the mirror on the ceiling. The second was that everyone liked his voice.


"You have obviously moved on." they said. "You're going into the finals." 
Niall couldn't believe his ears, and he almost started to cry. He walked off the stage and right away he ran out into the crowd and over to Harry. He hugged him tightly and felt that the whole body was shaking. 
"I told you so!" Harry whispered happily. "They love you!"


Final would be held the next day. Niall stayed and held Harry's hand tightly. They listened to everyone else and there were those who sang almost better than Niall. Still, Harry was adamant: Niall would win!

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