my savior

why did i start it ruined my life i need someone to help me please get me out of this place


1. who cares about me oh right no one

hi my name is Angela but my friends call me angel i am 16 at the moment i have long blonde hair  i am practically a low life i have nothing better to do then smoke weed 24 7 u will never find me sober i will just sit there and smoke cones all day everyday if im not smoking cone im have sex 


next day 

i wake up to the smell of weed finally Paul got more we ran out yesterday i walked down stair and did my usual put on a whole heap of make up brushed my hair walked down stairs to see Natalie (my bestie ) aiden (her boyfriend ) paul (the owner of the house ) i went over and smoked pot for the next 4 hours pulling cone after cone 

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