Guys hurt too.

Andy, Tristan,jake and others. My brothers, some didn't make it to 2014. Some are still my brothers, some I have distanced myself from for reasons. But no matter, these are the story's of teenage boys going through tragedy, emotional stress and insanity.


6. Tristan.

My love for Tristan was unexplainable. His hazel eyes and light brown hair that sat perfectly over his brows. He called his hair "floppy" and it was.

I met Tristan while I was camping. His mom and dad just split so he was a little sensitive. Over two weeks we hung out on the beach and swam and ran around causing all sorts of trouble. About a week in, we where sitting on the dock when be grabbed my hand. I looked at him and he kissed me. He had rose petal lips. Then he told me that he liked me, I told him I liked him too. For three days we would walk on the beach holding hands and we would sit beside each other on the beach. He would hug me before i went into my traitor to sleep and hug me in the mornings. He would play with my hair and he always smelt like lemon.

The day he had to leave, we lay beside each other on the dock talking about what we are and what's going to happen. We exchanged numbers and then he had to leave. I think we hugged for five minutes. Then he looked into my eyes. I could see his where watering. He kissed me then put his hand on my face. It slowly slid off, he wipes his eyes and jumps into his dads truck. I see his hands make a heart and it drives away. I sat on the dock for hours. You could say people can't fall in love in two weeks, but we did.

I get a text that night. He said he dident want to tell me before but he had depression. And I told him I was ok about it. For half a year we dated over the internet. He would Skype me and stuff.

My skype wasn't working so he gave me his. Because his computer broke so he couldn't. To this day I use his skype.

Aparently his parents just told him and his brother he was going to go to a foster home, he wouldn't get his phone or anything so that ment no contact with me. He thought life wasn't worth living without me and living in foster homes so he killed his self.

Goodnight baby..

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