Guys hurt too.

Andy, Tristan,jake and others. My brothers, some didn't make it to 2014. Some are still my brothers, some I have distanced myself from for reasons. But no matter, these are the story's of teenage boys going through tragedy, emotional stress and insanity.


4. jake (Jacob)

Jacob. Black straight hair a couple cm away from shoulders with blue tips. Dark brown eyes and tan skin. A "scene teen" at most his style.

Jacob was born on the road. Always moving and getting bullied at most schools for being the new kid. His dad FINALY found a town and settled down with a really country style town and he was a punk. So since he was thirteen he was bullied for being punks and not talking to people. His dad met a mother of two. A girl and a boy. The girl was a year younger than him at the time and the boy was two years older then him.

He fell In love with her. He was fourteen and she was thirteen. She liked him too, but the big brother dident like him so much... His new brother would beat him up and steal and break his stuff.

He was bullied at school and at home.

One night the girl came into his room and Sat down beside him. She put her hand on his leg and one on his chest. She pushes him down into the bed and sits ontop of him. She starts to make out with him and her mother walks in. The girl acted like she was drunk and blamed it all on him. The big brother came in and started punching him in the face. The mother just left. Sent the daughter to a friends house.

Jake got kicked out, he went to live with his mother. He got some friends and some enemies at that school. The only thing was his mother had some heavy depression and a drinking problem. His mom would always bring big drunk guys home and have sex with them. When he woke up there was always stuff missing. They would steal from them. One night jake tried to kick a guy out and the guy beat him and his mother up and robbed them of almost everything.

The rest will be presented with a kik convorsation between me, my friend Katie and jake.

R:me k:Katie j:jake

J: help me.

K: what happens jake?

J:fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.

R: Jacob..? Tell us what's wrong bud

J: my fucking mother hung herself. 😭

R: shit,

K: jake please stay alive.

J: I already took the pills and I'm about to slit my wrists and go to sleep..

K: jaybear :c

J: I honestly love you both to bits, stay here for me. <3

R: Jacob we love you too <3

K: goodnight 😭

J: live long and prosper.

R: say hi to Mitch for me.

J: I will.

K: *group hug*

R: il see you there


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