Guys hurt too.

Andy, Tristan,jake and others. My brothers, some didn't make it to 2014. Some are still my brothers, some I have distanced myself from for reasons. But no matter, these are the story's of teenage boys going through tragedy, emotional stress and insanity.


2. Elliot's story. r.i.p 2013/7/10

Elliot had blond hair, brown eyes, very beach boy looking. Sixteen years old. Committed suicide July 20th, 2013.

I dident get to know Elliot very long, but I did hear his story.

Elliot was a very popular you for most of his life, all the girls wanted to get into his pants. And he would let them. He dident want his friends to think he was a pussy or that he was a loser so he did it unprotected. One day the summer before he passed away he got this girl names Diana pregnant. He was excited to be a father. He fell in love with Diana and they where happy with each other. But Diana's parents hated him, one of the reasons was he just turned 16 and she was 14. Diana had a miscarriage and died from the baby getting stuck inside her. They tried to do surgery to get the dead baby out but Diana was sick and couldn't handle the surgery so she passed away the winter before.

Elliot returns to school and rumours spread around. Elliot gave her aids and she died, or Elliot had sex with a teacher or even worse that he had raped Diana. This sent Elliot into a state of depression. We met three months after Diana passed. When he talked to me he was always so worried someone would try to get him help or resolve his psyco thoughts.

He wanted to kill Diana's father.

Elliot had a dream that her father put a drug in Diana's drink which killed the baby so I wouldn't have a reason to stay with her. He thought Elliot wanted Diana for sex and baby income support money or something.

Elliot planned the death of her father over and over but never had the courage to actually even see Diana's father.

One day he thought it was his fault that Diana's dead and one teacher was fired from his school because of him. So he took five bottles of Advil and all his anti depressants and I haven't herd of him since the night of the 19th of July, 2013.

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