Guys hurt too.

Andy, Tristan,jake and others. My brothers, some didn't make it to 2014. Some are still my brothers, some I have distanced myself from for reasons. But no matter, these are the story's of teenage boys going through tragedy, emotional stress and insanity.


3. dan. still breathing.

Dan is 15 years old, he has black hair and brown eyes. He loves music and hates swimming. I've known dan for about two months now. I was introduced to him by my good friend Andrew (Andy) his story will be a chapter in this book.

Dan had a normal life, both parents, big house. He is just troubled.

Dan is a stoner and a drinker. He used to have this girlfriend but she was fucking around with some guys since day one of there relationship.

Once they broke up dan got really uncontrollable and got stoned everyday and went to parties a lot. Got drunk and stoned a lot at parties with stupid stoned people and did stupid stuff. Then he would leave the parties alone and walk around this big city that he lives in. He would get lost and go missing for days or weeks at a time. Other times he would fall asleep or pass out and be laying on the pavement or in a park or a schools front steps, really anywhere he ended up. Once he passed out on the highway and almost got hit by a car.

WARNING. Sexual and disturbing content, may not be suitable for all audiences.

One night someone must have drugged his drink because he passed out on a park bench. When he woke up he was in a room with two other teenage boys his age he has never met before. All three of them where naked. There was this big guy looked about 50/45 ish. He made them put on sex shows. Then one day he raped all of them and killed his self.

Recently dan was stoned and got into a car crash with a semi and was in a coma for three days. He recovered in the hospital. His parents dis owned him and moved far away. Dan and his best friend Andy tried killing themselves. Andy died but dan survived. He went straight from the hospital to a mental hospital.

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