Guys hurt too.

Andy, Tristan,jake and others. My brothers, some didn't make it to 2014. Some are still my brothers, some I have distanced myself from for reasons. But no matter, these are the story's of teenage boys going through tragedy, emotional stress and insanity.


5. Andy. r.i.p

Andy has black hair blue eyes with snakebites. He was so caring and thoughtful. My British brother.

When Andy was 12. His friend Alex was shot right in frount of him by his own brother. Him and his friend dan have been suicidal for a while and have had a lot of messy. Crazy attempts.

When Andy just turned 13 his dad left and told Andy he left because he was a fat disgrace to his father.

Andy was anorexic. Really bad. Went to a clinic three times and went back to anorexia each time because he believed his dad left because he was fat. I helped him eat again.

His mom died from cancer so he calls his care taker his better mother. His real mom dident do anything for him ever.

I introduced him to one of my good friends. He said instantly he fell in love with her. It was adorable how he would drool about her and say cute things about her.

One day he sent me a picture of his chest. I used it for the book cover.

Before I tell you any more. Andy was no psychopath. He wAs a great guy, one night he got really drunk, on his 14th birthday. Some guy tried to mug him and his friend so Andy got ahold of the guys knife and stabbed his leg. He later found out it was his dad.

That sent him even deeper into his mind. He would always ask me, did my dad hate me so much he wanted to kill me? Did he know it was me?

He was so uneasy until he met my friend, his girlfriend. She made him, happy. I've never seen him that happy for a long time.

He used to kik me story's and songs he wrote. He wAs an amazing poet. He said I was like a sister he never had.

Andy was a brother to me. A best friend to dan. A boyfriend to my friend.. I got a big text telling me how happy I made him and how happy she made him. Then, I never got any more messages from him. Then dan kiks me, he Recently he died by jumping off a bridge with dan. Dan survived. Andy did not.

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