escape from tragity.

This is the story of the abused and the confused.


1. tragic life of us.

Again, once again, he was fighting for me Fighting, trying to be cool because chad and his goons think they can push him around because he use to do jazz, wich he was awesome at it, but, he quit, he quit because he was beeing made fun of. i met tallin when we where four and i was beating a kid up at mcdonalds for taking my last chiken nugget. i was so mad and beating the kid with my teddy bear mr.cuddlebum and he came and helped me beat the kid up and shared a new pack of chiken nuggets. annyways... if you couldent tell i am in love with him. but its that kind of love where your best friends and you would never date eachother, yet i dream about what it would be like to kiss and hug and go on dates with him instead of high fiveing or arm resling or hanging out and playing video games together. but for now it stays in my dreams and my sketchbooks. by the way im a artist, thekind that paints and scetches their emotions and feelings. mine are mostly about him, i have this one where its a horse and someone riding the hourse and their headed for a big black castle with guards surounding it, yet they go together and get in the castle andtake over the spot of the king and queen. that was five pictures explaining that story. to me i feel like me and tallin are like that. the outlaws trying to break in to the castle and steal the king and queens spot of royalty and become the new ones. the thing is that’s what where actualy doing. trying to get up the food chain of popularity. so far where just over the nerds, at the "well umm hi" sucks in there but im 15 right? also with me and tallin in that spot is my bffs alice and feeona, and a couple others that are not in the followers category. i use to have three bffs but she got ritch and became a plastique magnet. thats the top of the food chain in jerseyalis high school. annyhow the next category down from the pms is a group of football players that are like the pms but boys. the boys are mostly the boyfriends of a pms girl. its gross because everyday after school they are makeing out in the hallways, and i dont mean like kiss kiss kiss ... i mean like with toung and throwing eachother around all gross like. it makes softmores scared to date. and when softmores are on the football team they are forced to makeout with their girlfriends and its soo gross watching newbies at the schooll get more popular and more love and attention it makes me feel so wired like im a softmore again and that was the worst year of my life. its when tallin was dateing Jessica tempilton. everyone said that she was the most pritty girl in school, so did tallin... but jessica went and crushed his heart. she cheated on him. he loved her so much that when he found out he ....... he cryed. i have never seen a guy that sad in my actualy almost made me cry to and well lets just say i dont cry... ever. that shows that i care and he smiled at me when he saw tears in my eyes.but now you know why he is always fighting kids because they pick on him and because they are friends with chad.their leader and also jessicas boyfriend. i hate them. their makeout spot is by my locker its annoying... annyways back to tallin i think that he might actualy like me a little!! but we will never be together for he and i love eachother too much, but its a brother sister kind of love so ya... i will never date him in my life ...-sigh- at least i get to have a conection with him even if its not love its still feeling right? well its ok i dont need love im only 15 and...*BRING.BRING* oh schools starting i gotta get to class.first class of the day is sience. i hate sience because im with the pms!! like almost all of them.including most of the football team. i only know feeona in this class that actualy talks to me.also i have the worst teacher ever miss.patel,she is hated by everyone in the whole school, even the teachers dont talk to her much unless they half to for like a prodgect or something like its pritty much the worst class ive ever lunch i saw him. sitting alone by the window.slowly nibbling on a wrap stareing into the distant filed that would soon be a mad house of kissing, fighting also the worst part,extream truth or dare you can tell how bad it is just bythe name. they dare two people to go in the garbage can and sometimes it gets serious even if they are dateing someone ex bff cloe is the worst when it comes to that stuff. she has 2 kids and she is only 15.she lives with foster parents.also when she is in there she goes totaly head on witch i find gross. yet she is a wonderful 15 year old mother. she acts like she is 30 around her kids.her boyfriend dousint even care that those kids are not from him. yet he wants a kid with her.she actualymight let him when her 1st kid goes into school.annyways he was stareing at the filed like it was going to blow up right when the bell rang.his stare made me feel warm inside...i think that one day mab..***beep-(hello students of jersyalis high. we would like to confirm that prom will be on friday 8:30 to 11;00pm.cant whait to see all the faces and dresses at prom.also all grades are useing the garbadge cans til after the dance.that is all.***)oh my goodness, prom!! and we are invited.this is my chanse to....whait.why am i exited.why would annyone ask me to the prom. and at that moment tallin walks up to me and sais.hey allie, are you exited for prom?uhh yes of course i am but i dont think annyone will ask me...and then he said something that i will never forget in my life... he said"well just so you know that a guy can have manny crushes but before he sleeps,that one girl floats inside his mind and sometimes his dreams.annyone can be a player or be all kissy kissy on the first week but it takes a real guy to keep a relationship together for a long time and... i ... i hope you find that love.then at that moment i could not help myself so i blurted out.i think i found him.where he said and i wisperd,i think he is the most sweetest and kindest guy and he i sright infrount of me... then i ran to the bathroom sat in a stall and cryed.i imagind our hole friendship go down the drain and i couldent think of a world where i couldent hear his voice everyday of my life. but of course i go and mess it up.*bring bring*and here comes the best part of the day...before i lost my best now i hafe to sit by myself on the rocks by the basket ball court and play my i pod all by myself. when i was sitting alone lissening to our favourite song .he walked up to me with his hands behind his back and said.allie i need you to come with me to the computer lab for a second.i said ok and he brought me into the lab and it was pitch black. he sat me down in a chair and it happend. he lit up the switch and there was a bunch of computors lined up and they read...dearest allie,i feel the same about you since i saw you beating up that brat at mc donalds. will you go to prom with me? tallin<3.guess what i said? yes. i said yes and we left out of the lab holding hands.not high fiving...holding hands. i was so happy. we went outside to our normal spot and talked and played our ipod's. then chad walkes over and sees us holding hands and chad said.hey look girlyboy is looking to get sumthing after prom.tallin snaped and.again once again he was fighting for me.not just for me for himself.he went full speed with his knee right in his stomack and boom. chads goons went and beat him with sticks.and guess what i did. i punched them in the face and they started going after me. i ran and ran but it felt like i was getting slower and slower. they threw rocks and sticks at me and kept chasing me. then all i hear is sounds of pain. i stop and look behind me and all four of the guys are on the ground and tallin is beating them up. i smiled at him and i ran into his arms. i thanked him and the bell rang.
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