escape from tragity.

This is the story of the abused and the confused.


5. skips a beat

My heart stops as I get out these words. “WHAT HAPPEND?!?!?” I scream at her while Tallin runs to get a towel to stop the bleeding. When we manage to slow down the bleeding we ask her what happened. She laughs and says.” I was driving to the farm to pick up a surprise for you too when a guy jumps in front of me and tells me to get out of my car. In fright that he has a knife I don’t answer nor move. So he runs over to the window and breaks it. He then tells me one more time to get out, I scream no and he gets a slice at my arm and i drive away. I go to the farm and pick up the surprise and then I drive home and leave it in the car. Can you go get it?” I jump up off my seat, grab her keys and go to the car. When I unlock it I see a small box and i grab it. When I shake it slightly I hear a wine and I stop. I run inside with the box and lock the car on my way in. When I open the box I see a little Chihuahua, Just a puppy. “How cute!” is my first thought and then I hear auntie Lisa’s voice. “I got a small dog so if you to ever need to leave you can take her with you.” She says with a small smile at the edge of her lips. “It’s very thoughtful Lisa! What should we name it Allie?” Tallin says with one eyebrow higher that the other.” Ummmm I don’t have a clue! What do you think?” Tallin pauses and looks like he is trying to remember something. “Donna! Let’s name it Donna!” Donna is my mother’s name. Witch, surprisingly brings back good memories, not bad ones. “Sure. That’s perfect!” I look at Auntie Lisa and she is looking at her wound not lissining to anything at all. She then peers up and gives a nod and goes back to her arm. ”should we bring you to the hospital before it gets infected?” asks Tallin with concern. She just gets up and looks in Tallin’s wallet and finds his driver’s licence. She hands it to him with her keys and that means yes. When we get to the hospital we get a room for her right when we removed the soggy bloody towel. I leave earlier than they do because I need to go feed the dog. When I walk in it smells like, like rust. I clean the little blood on the floor and on the chair. I then feed Donna and walk to the little corner store and get her a little bed and a doggy tent. I set it up in the backyard and bring her out there. She jumps out of my arms and goes in it. When I reach it donna is already sleeping so I leave her alone. I go into the kitchen and start some supper, while I stir the soup I think for a moment what my brother is doing right now. Is he missing me or is he partying about that im gone? I won’t ever know because I will not risk my life and go back there, im praclicaly saying that I want to stay away from Tomas and Tallin’s parents. But i do. I want to stay away from them, forever. Its the safest thing I can do for me and tallin. I have decided that I cant take the smell of this soop so I place a bit in a container and the rest I just take it of the stove. I grab the container and go to my bedroom. I take small sips of the warm broth as it drains down my throat and into my stomack. It feels good to be eating again since I haven’t been eating anything but a sandwich a day at school. I guess I am still am depressed that my parents are gone. By some idiots playing with guns, or my mom’s ex boyfriend. Well at least tallin is not dead. I then drift off to sleep and I wake up by a slam of the bathroom door. Its auntie lisa. She got stitches in her arm and her arm is still frozen so she has very little controle of it. I get dressed and go wake tallin. But he has already gotten up. I go to the kitchen and theres a bowl of broth and a note that says. I have gone to school to finnish my homework I left there. Hope you like broth. Love tallin. “awwwwwww. How sweet!” I say outloud when it ment to be a thought. Luckly auntie lisa dident hear. After school today I am going to get my paycheak and tomorrow tallin is. We have been working nonstop after school alot so we have money if we ever need to leave auntie lisa. I hope we can stay longer than a couple more days! I don’t want lisa to get lonly again. Like when john left her. He was a business man, a very nice jentleman. But auntie lisa was a party animal. They where in love but whenever he was on a business trip she was at home and whenever he is home she was at a party. So one day he left. He put a note on the fridge that said bye and went out the door. So she got home from a party and saw the note and called my mom. They were talking for hours when finaly my mom offered for her to come camping with us. I was 6 at the time and mom was still dating her ex. And that was the time where she busted him for trying to kill my mom. And she saved her from a fire.  When I get to school I can’t find Tallin. He left early and I thought he would just be sitting here writing. Well since I have about twenty minutes I grab my notepad and start drawing. I then remember all the art I left at, the old house I lived in. and all the other things I left there too, that I will never have the chance to go back. For my own safety and Tallin’s too. Then I see his backpack outside the homeroom door. Is he in there? Or is he at work to finish last night’s work he couldn’t do. I text him and I get a text back. “What the heck? It says that he is at the bakery. In, in, in abler side?” that’s an hour away! Then I get another text. “I have some business to take care of… tell the teacher’s I’m sick today see u after school, love u bye.” I text him and ask him what business is he doing and I get a text at lunch that Sais “aly don’t worry, im coming back now.”

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