escape from tragity.

This is the story of the abused and the confused.


4. safety?

We grab our stuff and get out of the airport and we don’t know what to do.  So I call Auntie Lisa and ask her for her address because I want to send her a letter. She tells me and we get a taxi and drive there. We knock on the door and Auntie Lisa screams joyfully and hugs us. Then we tell her exactly what happened from when my parents got shot. She brought us inside and made beds for is while we sipped hot cocoa. She shows us our rooms and tells us to get comfy and unpack our bags. When we are all un packed we  go to the kitchen and find a chicken dinner waiting for us. We sit down and talk to Auntie Lisa about the pictures we found of moms old boyfriend. She said that once he got so mad he set a trailor on fire when we were all camping. They got into a fight and he was trying to kill her, but she smelt smoke and when I told her what happened she broke up with him the next day.

So she did break up with him? Yes and when she met my friend’s brother she fell in love with him in a second. I ask if it’s my dad. Yes your father. They were at a club the day a man wearing the same tux as your dad got shot too. I say well why didn’t you tell mom?  She explains that she would have broken up with my father so he would not get hurt. So now we pause then We just stop talking and get dressed and then walk over to the school that me and Tallin will now attend to sign up for it. This school looks like the old one but twice the size. We walk in and a bunch of guys are staring at me. Not in a bad way though. Same with the girls. When I go to my first class its gym. I get in the gym strip I was given by the principle and all the girls wanted to be in a group with me. All the guys wanted to help us with our lunges and we said they could. I feel like a pm. In a good way like in the popularity way. I now have about forty friends and there are no nerds that get picked on here. Tallin joined the wrestling team and the football team and I might try out to be a cheerleader. Everyone is so nice and friendly and likes me. This is the first time I have ever fit in. this is the best day ever.

When me and Tallin walk home we talk about how great this new school is and what we did today. Then Tallin said something that made me stop. He said oh I was talking to this girl today and she is totally into me. I think he forgot that we are dating so I said DID YOU FORGET IM YOUR GIRLFRIEND!?!? Then I ran to Auntie Lisa’s house and I lay on my bed till supper. Today we are eating chicken wraps and Tallin was staring at me the whole time. He feels sorry and I know but I don’t forgive him. We all sat silently and ate our food. After we ate I went to take a shower when Tallin walks up to me and says can I finish what I was going to say please. I nod and he continues. But she is really annoying and I told her I have a girlfriend yet she still bugged me so I am ignoring her. There I am done my sentence, thanks. And he walks to his room and grabs sixteen dollars and leaves. He comes back with a bottle of cola and a pink bag. When I get out of my shower and get my pajamas on I see the little pink bag. Inside it says put on your prom dress and come out back. So that’s what I do. When I walk out back there’s music playing and a table with two cupcakes on it and Christmas lights on the gate to the yard, Tallin is standing there in his tux. He asks me to dance. I say yes and we dance to three songs in silence then I say I’m sorry for not letting him finish what he was saying and he says it’s alright. We stop dancing and go talk and eat our cupcakes. Auntie Lisa walks out and says its twelve o clock and it’s time to come inside.  I never noticed that Tallin would be like this. I would have thought that the popularity would get to his head but he is handling it better than me.  I promis to myself I would never bully anyone in my life. *****Or hurt anyone because my whole life since my brother left high school has been horrible. So I know how it feels to be bullyed and hurt, even beat up. But today is not any ordinary day. It’s the day I kick butt. I see the girl tallin was talking about yesterday picking on a kid that was about two heads shorter than her. I walk up and take her hat from the girl and give it  to the girl she was bullying and she thanks me. My names tracy by the way party pooper. Tracy rudly shoots at me. Well than tracy, why would you bully someone? I say. Because I was bored. And why do you care? You are a noboady and by the end of the day I will have everything. Followers, besties and a smoken new boyfriend! So back off party pooper. she yells the last words at me then she leaves in a puff of her own dust. Wow I think as I walk swiftly over to tallin and pland a small kiss on his cheek and walk to my locker thinking about tracy and how she said she will have everything. Then the bell rings and its time for sience. But this sience class is not horrible. Its actually fun, For once.

At lunch I see tallin sitting alone at a table. But then I see tracy step by step, getting closer. I quicly speed walk over to him and sit across from him. Hey allie! Am I glad to see you right now. That tracy chick has been stalking me all day. He sais in a wispery tone. We both giggle then jump when we hear… HEY TALLIE! HOW ARE YA? Tallie, wow what a nickname. Umm hi tracy… he sais in a shakey tone. She sits beside him and leans on him a little. We get up and leave. What a weirdo! We giggle together and go hang outside. While we are sitting outside guess who comes up to ruin our conversasion, tracy. The devil herself trying to steal tallin away from me. OH! I can’t talk her so I go and hang out with my other friends and leave tallin all to herself, im ok with leaving him there because I know he dousint like her at all so he won’t get all lovey dovey with her. After school I go to tallins locker to kiss him or hug him because I just feel very affectionate today and he is not I go to the frount door to see if he is waiting for me but he isint there eather. Now I start to walk to the back field and  I see his backpack so I run and grab it then I hear him yell. STOP IT TRACY I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND AND I WILL NEVER BREAK UP WITH HER BECAUSE I LOVE HER SO JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! Then I look around and find Tallin’s shoes so I grab those too. I walk quite a ways until I fint tracy with only a shirt and underware on and I have had it. She looks over and pulls up her pants. You have kept your name party pooper I was at the good part where they give in. they always giv in so why don’t you just leave before you are forced. She says in a snotty voice. I run full speed at her and push her on the ground then punch her in the face and the arm and she rools us over and starts slapping me. I kick my feet as hard as I can and one hits her in the leg and she starts bleeding. Then she wobbles over to her bag and gets a Swiss army knife out and starts swinging at me. Tallin runs over and grabs tracy and throws her into a window of the school and we run as fast as we can home. When we get there my nose is bleeding so Tallin comes and cleans it up with a towel and then tells me to put some tissue in it and that’s what I do. Then we hear a knock on the door. Its auntie lisa with a cut across her arm bleeding all over the driveway. 

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