escape from tragity.

This is the story of the abused and the confused.


6. laila

Sitting on the couch as tallin walks in the room and tallin walks right up to me and sits down. “its like one in the morning, what are you doing up?” he sais as he kisses me on the cheak and goes to get a pop. “ watching disney movies. Where where you?” I say as I cuddle up in my blanket. “he gives me a cup of tea and slides a disk into the dvd player. “remember this movie?” he sais as he smiles and passes me a cup of my favorite tea, whait howd he get this. “howd you get this tea babe?” I ask since only my father and my uncle know how to make this. “I went to see your uncle pete, hes a nice guy and I thought this tea would calm you down and remind you of the good times. You’ve been realy stressed and I love you and all I want is the best for you.” He smiles and snuggles up to me and holds my free hand. “just like old times. Watching the notebook and drinking my dads homemade tea. Thank you.” I kiss him and we snuggle and watch movies all night until we both fell asleep. I open my eyes and tallins gone, the couch is gone too. Im in a white room with barred windows. Im wearing a gray jumpsuit and a little bald girl is standing beside me. “aly, what are they going to do to me?” I look at her. “where are we? Who are you and how do you know my name?” I look at her as a man in black and he walks up to the girl as a whole in the wall opends and he throws her in. “ aly help!” she screams as she disappears into the wall. I open my eyes screaming. Tallin grabs me and hugs me. “aly, its just a dream its ok.” He grabs my arms and pulls me up off the couch. “i.. im going to have a shower.” He lets my arms go and kisses me “ok, im taking you out today. You need a break from this stress.” I go and have a shower then get dressed In my nicest clothes that I have besides my dress I bought for prom. I grab my phone and head phones and stuff them in my purse and put some eye liner and mascara and throw on my old sweater with a big rip on the arm because it’s the only jacket I have. “boo!” tallin grabs my hips and hugs me from behind. I jump and grab my pocket where my knife is before realizing its tallin. “you tit, don’t scare me like that.” He giggles and grabs my hand and walks me out into the car. He closes my door and hops into the drivers seat and shuts the door. “ its 4:30, we will have a good amount of time to shop around.” He opends his wallet and pulls out three hundred dollars. “the salvation army said that every family gets a help cheak if they need it so I went and got one.” He smiles and starts to drive to the mall. When we get there we walk in and go bouncing from store to store buying a bunch of clothes. We go to sit down and eat some fries and he looks at me and sais “did you know its been 8 months since we ran away?” I look at him and smile. “more like escaped.” We laugh and joke for some time then he looks at me. “what?” I look at him as he is staring at me. “I never thought I could love someone so much as I love you.” He slides a little black box across the table. I open it and find a small white silk bear. “you half to name it.” I look at it and the color reminds me of making snowforts as kids outside. “snowball.” I say as I kiss its little nose and put it back in the box and plop it into my purse. “thank you.” I say as he grabs my bags and kisses me on the lips. “now lets go before the dog pisses on the carpet again now chall we?” he wraps his arm around mine and we walk out to the car and drive home. About half way there I hear him humming.then I start to sing quietly with him. “right now it seems to be dark in this place of ours. then the night will pass by and we will be ok because the day will never fade away for we will always be together together forever.” That’s my dad’s song… tallin would always play it on the guitar and me and my dad would sing along around the campfire. It starts to rain just as we get home. “il go put the dog out.” I say as he grabs the bags and runs inside. I grab the dog and put her in the backyard. Then me and tallin go and lay in his bed and play videogames. I hear scratching so I let the dog in and I go and laydown beside tallin and sleep. I wakeup and throw some sweatpants and a coat on. “aly! Come here please.” I hear tallins voice coming from the living room. He has all our stuff packed in bags. “good morning sleeping beauty, can you take donna for a pee while I load the trailor up.” He sais without even taking a second away from packing the last bag. “trailor, what trailor?” I say as I put donna on a leash. “I saved up and bought a trailor so we wont be in your aunties hair anymore. Plus I know a nice trailor park we can live in for a while till we finish school then we can move to the mountains.” I smile, I never knew tallin was so setup like this. “ok, schools just a month longer so then we can graduate and get real jobs.” I kiss him and go take donna to the dog park. When I get back I jump into auntie lisa’s truck. “why do we have her truck?” I ask tallin as my auntie brings us sandwiches and water bottles. “I don’t need this thing anymore, plus you cant haul a trailor with a car so we switched vehicles.” I see tears in her eyes and I hug her. “im going to miss you guys, you stay in contact with me you hear?” she whipes her eyes and smiles. “don’t worry we will, love you auntie.” I say as i take the sandwiches and water and put them on the dash. I close the door and lisa waves and goes inside. Donna comes and sits on the middle seat as we drive off. “tallin, we don’t need to finish school. We have our grad papers already. Lets just go to the mountains.” He smiles and nods, I grab a blanket from the backseatand curl up in it and donna comes and cuddles in with me. As it gets darker it starts to rain again. “can you pass me that sandwich babe?” tallin asks and I pass it to him. He munches away and we drive for a long time to this big lot of gravel in the middle of a town in the mountains. He backs the trailor up and sets the trailor up outside and I go in and setup everything inside. I make some breakfast and while tallin eats I setup a little pen outside for the dog. I put donna in the pen and go back inside and sort of make it look a little more like home. I come across the little bear and set it on my bedside ledge and we go sit outside with coffee and talk. A little girl runs up to us. “hi there im laila.” She has long curly blond hair down to the middle of her back with blue eyes and a blue dress with flowers on it. “hi laila, im tallin and this is aly. Where are your parents?” tallin sais with a smile. “There in willies trailor working, we aren’t aloud at there work so we just play outside and say hello to new peo… awwh!” she runs over to donna. “can I hold it?” she sais as she pets her. “sure thing sweety.” She picks donna up carefuly and comes and sits down infrount of us and plays with donna for a hour or so. “im going to make a quick dinner, would you like to stay laila? We are having hamburgurs and fries.” She looks at me suprized. “my daddy never makes anything but meat and salad in bread together, so yes please.and does donna need a walk?” tallin passes her the leash and she walks the dog around the little pond about ten times. “dinner time!” I yell and her and the dog run to the frount of the trailer. I pass her the plate full of fries and a burger and she puts donna into her pen and eats sitting on a little pillow on the ground that I gave her to sit on. “that was so yummy, I haven’t ever met nice people as you here, people usualy just stay here for a day then leave.” She grabs the empty plates and puts them into the sink and comes back out. We talk to her for a while then I hear someone yell. “laila home now.” She looks at us and smiles. “I half to go I will see you tomorrow. Bye friends.” She runs off and her hair bounces until she disappears into a black tent. “im going to sleep babe, night.” Tallin sais and gets up as I follow him into the trailor. “me too.” I lock the door behind us and lay down. Then right when I shut my eyes I hear barking. “I forgot about donna.” I getup and go bring her in. give her food and go lay back to sleep. I wakeup to the smell of smoke. “what is that.” I say as tallin is coughing. “its coming from the big silver trailor over there, willy and lailas parents work in there.” He sais cracking an egg into the pan. “I think.” He adds, I smile at him and close the window. “ well where ever that smell is coming from theres a big black cloud of smoke following it.” I point up as a large cloud floats slowly past our trailer. I shut the windows, then i hear footsteps. i eat the egg tallin made me and someone knocks on the trailer door. i open the door. "its you."

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