escape from tragity.

This is the story of the abused and the confused.


3. and then we ran

At about five in the afternoon i hear a knock on the door and its one of my brothers friend. he has my brothers jacket and his camera. i thank him and he says goodbye and he leaves. i bring his jacket into his room and gently place it on his bed. i look at his camera for a second and realise it still has the price tag on it. it looks like it costs a fortune and it has one picture on it. and its the display picture that they put on to display the cameras and computers. i quickly look at the tag and see what store its from and find the store is in town. he stole a camera last night,what a stupid drunk. i cant beleave this,now i have to go  and return it or keep it until they find it here. i call tallin and ask him what to do. he said to come over and we will talk about it. i said i could tomorow and we talked about stuff like my brother and then he asked where he is. i dont know he has not been here for two days. i think he went back to james to get the rest of his things from his old house. then he says reealy fast in wisper"i  half to go bye love u see u tomorow". then i hear him yell DAD  STOP SMACKING ME YOUR DRUNK STOP IT DAD!!  DAD ST..... then it hung up. i feel soo bad then i hear a key in the door and its tomas with two girls. he grabs me and throws me outside with the trailor keys and sais to text him when i need to get ready for school. i just pick up the keys and walk to the trailor. i look out of the window and see a shoe go through my moms pot that i made her when i was in kindergarden. its broken now. but i see something fall out of it. i will go see what it is tomorow but for now i need to go to sleep so i get in the blankets and fall asleep.... i dream of my mom and my dad walking into the trailor and saying why are you out here? i wish they where still here, yet i wanted that dream to last forever. and then i hear a scream. it was the scream of tomas. he was at the trailor door pounding at it saying WHERES MY CAMERA!! IL KILL YOU!! then i hear him stabbing at the door with a knife. i gather all my stuff and sneek inside. i quickly pack up all my stuff and i just about walk out the door when i remember the broken pot. i run over to the book case it was on and see a small envelope. i stuff it in my big bag of stuff and open the door and run. i run until i just stop. i just freeze there staring at my bus stop. i think to myself what i grabbed. all my clothes, blankets,pillows,my phone and its charger, that small envelope and my wallet. witch has about all my savings for a flat screen tv so about three hundred in cash and my college savings too. i start running to the bus stop and my bus gets there right when i get t o the bus stop so i get in and everyone starts bugging me again. they only feel bad for about a week. then its back to normal. they ask me why i have a bog hockey bag. then a pm said it had dead bodies of my parents in it. i go and sit where no one is sitting and look at the small envelope. i look at the small neat hand writing on the frount and it said to my little girl. i look and inside theres a little note and a bag. i read the note and it sais. my girl i am writing this as my death note. yes i wrote this after i got shot. im sorry we left but the bullet was to fast.i love you and in the bag i gave you is pictures of me and you and your dad. also all my diamonds and gold. sell it if you need. get tallin and runaway to saskatoon to live with auntie linda. she is your god mother and nicest girl on the planet. you better have packed a bag if your running. i love you and keep this note with you wherever you go. love your mom. and then there is a little blood on it. i look at the little black bag and think that her locket is in there. then i look at my looket and its there too so i grab hers and put it on my locket string. mine is silver and hers is gold. i will never take this off. my auntie is the best and when she sees us she will get rooms ready for us in the nick of time. we will have a home where we dont need to be scared. the bus stops to pick up kids and theres feeona but cloe is behind her. i say hey feeona and she just looks at me and sits with the pms. they took her under there wings and now im down to one friend. when i get to school i see that theres alices mom and dad with tears in there eyes talking to the principle. i think that she got shot then i think of my mom and dad lying on the kitchen dead under a white sheet. i go talk to her mom and ask where she is and she said she got murderd. she was walking to the store and got stabbed in the head two times. then she hugs me and leaves. i go tell the principle that me and tallin are transfering. he looks at me with his huge eyes and says. tell the principle to call the school when i get there. than he walks away. after school i go to tallins house. i look through the window and see his dad throwing cups at him. i text him to run to his room and pack everything and i see him run downstaires and then the window opends and its him with a sleeping bag and a pillow and a big tent bag. we run twenty blocks away then he asks what my plan is. i show him the note and he nods. so we start walking to the sea train and get on to the airport. we get there and ask for two tickets for the next flight to saskatoon. she sais its one twenty each and i give her two forty but tallin pulls out the same and he said you save your money we will use mine first. i say only if i buy dinner. he sais deal and then she ways the bags and she sais we can go free in and we go right to sicurity. we go through and then i look at my ticket and its a window seat but its tomorow. so we find a place to sleep and set up all our stuff. i sleep on the ground under the chaires on my bag. tallin sleeps beside me. but i get up and run to the resturant and order two hamburgurs and two cokes. i run over to tallin and tell him to eat. we eat up and talk for a little then he kisses me on the cheek and we fall asleep. i dream that tomas and tallins dad find us and kill us. also that alice walkes up to me and sais i miss you have a good day. then that tomas kills tallin and i scream. i wake upo screaming and tallin wakes up alarmed and calmes me down. he rubs my back a little then we look what time the flight leaves. at nine thirty at night. so we get to spend the day here. we fit both of our stuff in tallins tent bag and all the clothes in mine. we both grabe ten dollars out of our wallets and say to go get something to remember this place by. i got a postcard of our school and a keychain. tallin got a bobble head and a hat. he used two dollars and got a small sunday and we shared it. then we walked around til we found where our flight thing is and we sat and talked. then we herd a anouncement.BEEP- the nine thirty flight to saskatoon will be delayed to eleven o clock. thank you for choosing air placal.-BEEP. tallin pulled out his mini laptop and made videos telling everyone that we will be gone somewhere in australia so bye. but we where lieing so they dident try to come find us. we also looked at the pictures that where in the little black bag. there was a big stack and we made up names for every picture to waist some time. at ten ish we herd the anouncement that the plain is now boarding so we walk over and i pull out my passport. tallin opends his eyes and then looks in his wallet and sighs. here i found it. he passes it to her and we get on the plain. its a seven hour ride so we will probably sleep three hours of the plane ride. All i know is my brother is probably just noticed that im gone. so me and tallin count all the money we have left in cash. in total we have five hundred and sixty seven dollars and one cent. until i dropped it so now we only have five sixty seven in cash. We uploaded the videos and then we looked through the gold and diamonds my mom left for me. There is about two thousand  in diamonds and nine hundred in gold. that’s our estimation. Anyways I was looking through the pictures and find one of mom and her old boyfriend in the backgrounds with his eye on dad. also in two other pictures he is in the backgrounds. But one his new girlfriend is staring at mom. it gets me thinking lss of that they died and more of who did it to them. i show tallin and he just shrugs ant sais we need sleep. so i stare out the window and see how  small everything is. i fall asleep with the thought of who did it in my head and set my phone alarm for three hours. i fall asleep and yet i do not dream, i think. i think of that it might have been them. or it could have just been some stray bullets from gangs. When I wake up to the sound of my alarm I realise that today is Friday. The day that the  prom is at jersyalis high. I have the dress and tallins tux in my bag but the prom for the school we are gonna be going to was at the start of the year…so now  we don’t get a prom. I think tallin is happy we don’t have to go but he still wanted me to have fun. Prom is the day where   it dousint matter who you are or what you had on yesterday. It only matters then what you do. Like last year madison  the most biggest pm in the whole school danced with gary. The smartest kid I know but the ugliest too. Its crazy how we are actualy doing it. Running away together. Then I remember that I put a notepad and some pens in my bag and I start drawing tallin sitting on the plain drinking soda, and it actualy looks like him. I show him and he smiles, not like a happy smile but a embarrassed smile. He sais thank you and slides it in his wallet. I hug him and then brush my hair. Then he looks  at me with his dark chocolate eyes and sais. Im sorry I made you miss prom tonight. How did you remember?? He looks at his phone and I see a little pop up that sais prom tonight don’t forget to pick up tux from allie. I smile a happy smile and then the capitan sais we will be landing in ten minutes in Saskatoon. Finaly we get to land its been forever. I never knew that plane rides where this long.

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