Kick A$$ (Harry Styles Fan Fic)

"Kam, you see that guy over there?" Jami pointed to a familiar guy dancing with two girls. "He's a boxer, you two should so get together." I rolled my eyes, the one and only Harry Styles. "I'd rather fight him then be his one night stand." Jami laughed. "He's one of the greatest boxers there are, I'm pretty sure a girl like you couldn't beat him." I turned and looked at her. "A girl like me?" I snickered and looked back at him. "I could kick his ass."


10. Chapter Ten

(Harry's POV)


I heard a glass type noise break and a sharp noise pierced my ears suddenly. I quickly sat up, Kam was no longer by my side. I jumped up out bed, and opened the door. I ran downstairs, and Kam stood there. Her mouth was cupped over her mouth, as she sat on the floor rocking back and forth. Tears were in her eyes, I looked over to where so was looking to see her father. He was leaned over uncomfortably in his chair, his coffee mug was shattered on the floor. Coffee was dripping off the table.

I ran over to Kam quickly holding her in my arms, she turned around gripping my t shirt. She laid her head on my chest crying. I closed my eyes and rested my chin on her head. I rubbed her back slowly. Her mother soon came downstairs as well after hearing the same noise as me. She stood at the bottom of the steps. She bit her lip and her eyes filled with tears. She looked down to the floor as she walked into the kitchen. She called an ambulance, and they soon came and took Kam's father away.

Kam and I stayed on the floor as she continued to cry into my chest. I rubbed her back and tried to calm her down, but she couldn't. Her mother left to go talk to the Doctors, but I stayed here. I softly sang to Kam, trying to calm her down, or help her fall back to sleep.

(You and Me, by Lifehouse)

"What day is it

And in what month?

This clock never seemed so alive

I can't keep up, and I can't back down

I've been losing so much time.


'Cause it's you and me

And all of the people with nothing to do

Nothing to lose

And it's you and me

And all of the other people

And I don't know why

I can't keep me eyes off of you.


Why are the things that I want say

Just aren't coming out right

I'm tripping on words

You got my head spinning

I don't know where to go from here.


'Cuase it's you and me

And all of the people with nothing to do

Nothing to lose, and it's you and me

And all of the other people, and I don't know why

I can't keep me eyes off of you."


She eventually stopped crying, but she just stayed close to me. Her eyes stayed closed, and I wiped away the left over tears on her cheeks. She stayed silent as she brought her hand up to the necklace I gave her. She squeezed it tightly to her palm.

The whole house was silent, except for Kam's un even, heavy breath. There was nothing to say in between us, because I felt like I couldn't help her. I knew what it was like to lose someone, but I never really got better from losing them.

Whenever somebody brought it up, usually I just wouldn't talk about it. When I lost my whole family, I just blocked everything out. I stopped going to school, and I started working out. I began boxing just for fun, and I got good at it. I met Kam's Uncle, and he asked if he could coach me. He said he saw something in me, but the only thing I saw in myself was emptiness.

Kam looked up at me, and I saw the same emptiness I saw in myself. I leaned my forehead against hers and she closed her eyes. I could feel her pain, and it hurt to see me to see her like this. I thought I'd never feel for somebody after my family was killed, but Kam changed me. I boxed for anger, and revenge, but it never got me anywhere. It got me to success, but it never got me revenge.

"Thank you." She whispered, her voice raspy. I gave a small smile. "I didn't expect it to come so fast, he didn't even get a chance to see me in the ring." Her voice had no pitch to it, it was so soft and calm. She moved around a little, before finally standing up. She covered her face, and I stood up hugging her again.

Before we knew it, family members showed up with food and flowers. Kam's mother came home as well, but sat in the rocking chair her husband died in staring at the TV. Kam and I greeted people at the door as they walked in. Kam's grandmother prepared supper, until finally the whole family showed up.

I wasn't really sure how all of her family found out so quickly, or even why we were having supper here. Kam didn't really have an appetite though, so we sat on the couch watching TV together. Her mom, wasn't moving or speaking. I looked over a couple times at her just to make sure she wasn't dead either. Her face was so pale, and she looked just as sick as her Kam's father. "Hey Mr, can you cut my pasketi?!" A little girl said, holding up her plate. I took her plate, and fork and began cutting up her pasta. "Are you married to Kami?!" She said smiling.

It made me smile a little, and I looked over at Kam and she was smiling as well. "Maybe someday." I finished cutting her pasta and gave it back to her.

"Thanks Mr! You're real nice!" She ran over to her mom then and began eating.

"That's Janel, she's my cousin." Kam rested her head back on my chest.

"She's adorable."

"What do you think about kids anyways?" I pinched the bridge of my nose awkwardly. I hadn't ever thought about it.

"I haven't really thought about it, what about you?" She looked up at me and played with a string of my hair.

"I want 2 kids, the oldest a boy, and the youngest a girl. Just the she'll have an older brother to beat any of the kids that pick on her." She smiled. That was a good idea, and I couldn't really disagree.

"I want exactly what you want." I kissed the tip of her nose, then she pecked my lips.

When everyone was done eating, Kam introduced my to her family. Only the people on her dad's side of the family came. Except her Uncle Barns, I was kind of confused why he didn't come along.

Kam had a extremely big family, she had 5 Aunts and Uncles. And they all had at least 2 kids. So Kam had over 10 cousins. I have to say Janel was probably my favorite, probably because she was the youngest.

"Janel, come here." Kam called out to Janel, as she squatted down to Janel's height. Janel ran towards Kam, and Kam scooped her up in her arms. She bounce her a little, she just squealed happily. "Remember Mr Harry?" Janel smiled, and held her arms out towards me. Kam handed her over to me, and she played with my hair.

"Can I call you Uncle Harry?" I smiled, and she poked at one of my dimples.

"Sure." I laughed a little, and Kam watched us with a smile on her face.

We played with Janel, till her parents decided that it was time to go. Everybody pretty much left at the same time, so Kam and I said our goodbyes. We'd see them soon though for the funeral.

After they left, Kam asked me to help set up the funeral. We knew her mother wouldn't be able to function enough to do anything so we did it ourselves. We ordered a casket, and hired a few people to paint something cool on his casket. We set up the visitation, and made a small flyer with a picture of her father on it. We stayed up for about 2 days just trying to do everything.

We got everything organized, and finally got some sleep. Well I got sleep, Kam wasn't doing so good. She wasn't eating or sleeping. Her mother was almost the same way, only she slept a lot. I told Kam that she looked ill, but she just disagreed.

I eventually had to trick her into taking her to the Doctors. "Hey Kam, let's go meet the priest for the funeral." She nodded and went and got dressed. She loaded up into the car, and I drove off to the hospital. She looked a little confused on the way there, but I think she was to tired to realize where she was till I pulled into the parking lot of the hospital.

"Harry this isn't the church."

"Kam, you're sick, I just want you to check in." She buckled herself back in, and crossed her arms.

"I'm not sick Harry, take me back home." I groaned and got out of the car. I walked over to the other side of the car and tried to open the door. She locked the doors, and I left the keys in the car.

"Open the door, or I'll bring the Doctors out here." I yelled with my face close to the window. She cupped her hand over her ear pretending she didn't hear me. I rolled my eyes, and walked towards the hospital. I checked her in for an appointment  and when they called her name I walked up to the nurse. "We're going to need an appointment  out side." The nurse scrunched her eyebrows together, confused. She followed me though, and I led her out to the car. Kam was in her seat, with her eyes closed.

Was she finally sleeping? I knocked on the window, and Kam stayed asleep. Maybe she was extremely tired. "Is she okay?!" The nurse shrieked. I pinched the bridge of my nose, then remembered that Kam had a spare key under the passengers side of the car. She said her mother was always locking her keys in the car.

"Step back for a second please." The nurse did as I said, and I got down on the ground. I reached under my car, and pulled out a small box. I opened the box, and sure enough there were keys in there. I unlocked the car and unbuckled Kam. I pulled her out of the car, and held her bridal style. The nurse took her pulse and smiled.

We took her inside the hospital, and they hooked her up with an IV. They put tubes down her throat, and fed her some liquid food. She had literally almost starved herself to death. She was fine otherwise though. She slept for about 11 hours before finally waking up. She clearly was tired.

I grabbed a chair, and sat next to her. "I hate you." She whispered, her voice raspy from not drinking water in a while. I smiled a little.

"You look like crap."

"So do you." She laughed a little, I probably did though.

Eventually we got Kam to eat and drink again, and she looked a lot better. "You smell bad."

"Shut up, I haven't showered in like 3 days." I backed away from her.

"That's nasty." She laughed a little.

The Doctors let Kam and I got home about an hour after she woke up, and I drove her back home. I had something planned out too, to hopefully keep her mind off of her dad. I threw some clothes at her, and she looked at them. "Exercising clothes?" I smiled.

"You haven't practiced in like a whole week, you're getting fat." Her jaw dropped. "What?" She climbed over the bed and ran towards me, punching me in the stomach. One punch after the other, and eventually I began blocking her punches.

"You're a prick!" She slapped me across the face then.

"Good, you probably just burned like 20 calories doing that."

"Harry Edward Styles!" She yelled, grabbing onto my ear.

"That's a penalty in boxing." It didn't hurt at first, but then she began tugging more. "Okay okay okay!" She let go, and crossed her arms across her chest. "You're not fat, you're beautiful." I said finally giving in.

"Stop sucking up to me." She walked back across the room, and got changed. I put on shorts, and took off my shirt. Kam walked downstairs, and I followed. When she got down there, she almost had a sad look on her face, till she saw what I had did. "What the hell?!" She looked at the heavy bag, then looked at the speed bag. "How did you do this?!"

I smiled. "I looked him up on facebook, and printed off some pictures of him." She took a swing at the Heavy Bag, smacking him in the face. I had did something, I was hoping she was enjoying. I printed out pictures of Derek from facebook and put them on everything. The walls, The bags, the pads, anything that we used for training.

"Harry, this is awesome." She smiled, then looked at me as if she had an idea. "You know what, you should tape Derek's face over yours." I shook my head.

"No thank you." I laughed, as I put some weights on a bar. I began lifting it up and down, working out my arms. I hadn't worked out in a while, so it was heavier than I expected it to be, but I didn't mind to much.

Kam was working out on the Heavy Bag, smashing Derek's face to pieces. Literally. There were pieces of the paper laying on the floor, and half of his face was gone. I had put a lot of tape on it, but that's obviously not holding her back.

She eventually got tired, and fell down on the floor. She laughed, breathing heavily. "Fun?" I asked, sitting down next to her. She rolled over and looked up at me.


I smiled happy that I could see her really smile again. Her eyes were lit up, and she didn't look sad. I was glad I could get her father off her mind. I hated seeing her in such a depressing state.

She suddenly sat up and looked at me with a smile. "I figured out your weakness." She laughed evilly.

"Or really, what would that be?"

"Me." I looked at her surprised, She was my weakness? "You followed me around like a lost puppy for the last 4 days. You're always sucking up to me. Come on Styles, I figured out your weakness, I finally beat you at your own game." She laughed standing up. She held out a hand, offering to pull me up.

I willingly took her hand, but I pulled her down with me. She screamed, as she landed on top of me. "I only have one weakness." She leaned close to my lips. "And I promise you, you'll never find out what it is." I smiled, and she pushed her lips on top of mine. She ran her hands through my hair, as she kissed me with more passion than I was expecting. Our lips moved in perfect sync, and I never wanted her to leave my side. But when she did, she winked at me. "Okay maybe I've got 2."


A/N: Sorry I haven't updated in a while, and sorry if this chapter skips around a lot and gets confusing. I didn't really know how to make this chapter go, it wasn't really all that sad as I pictured it to be either. Sorry :/ Having a really bad year so far... (Not Edited)

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