Kick A$$ (Harry Styles Fan Fic)

"Kam, you see that guy over there?" Jami pointed to a familiar guy dancing with two girls. "He's a boxer, you two should so get together." I rolled my eyes, the one and only Harry Styles. "I'd rather fight him then be his one night stand." Jami laughed. "He's one of the greatest boxers there are, I'm pretty sure a girl like you couldn't beat him." I turned and looked at her. "A girl like me?" I snickered and looked back at him. "I could kick his ass."


12. Chapter Eleven

(Kami's POV)


"Before we lower the casket, we're going to let you all say your last good bye's. Please take as much time as you'd like." The priest bowed his head before slowly exiting the area. My mother, Harry, and I all stood up. We walked over to my father's casket and my mom silently cried. She covered her mouth, devastated. "Darling.." She whispered silently, she removed her hand from her mouth and leaned down slowly kissing his casket before whispering her last good bye. I walked up behind my mother then, and ran my hand over his casket. A tear fell down my cheek and Harry comforted me by rubbing slow circles on my back, "Daddy.." I choked out, I bit the inside of my cheek so I wouldn't cry out. I opened up a small purse that I was holding, and pulled out a ticket. My hands started to shake as I laid the ticket down on his casket, "I-I know you'll be there," I tried my best to smile and it probably made me look really stupid but I didn't even care. My hands formed into a tight fist and I said my last good bye before moving out of the way so others could say their good bye's.

I joined my mother a few feet back from my father's casket, and Harry grabbed onto my hand and intertwined my fingers. It felt nice to have somebody there to comfort me, because my father used to be the only one to comfort me. I turned to the side a bit and buried my face in Harry's chest. I didn't want to be here anymore, I just wanted to go home. Go home, and be with Harry.

I was tired of people having pity for me, I didn't need their pity. I needed my father, and they couldn't give me that. Maybe that's selfish but I doubt any of them knows what it's really like to lose the one person who helped them accomplish so much.


After they lowered my father's casket, we immediately went back home. My mother went straight up to her room, blocking out the rest of the world. I didn't blame her, but blocking out the world wasn't going to make all the pain go away. I turned around and looked at Harry, not really caring how shitty I probably looked right now. I already knew my makeup made me look like some crazy lady, "Harry, let's go out and get some drinks." He raised an eyebrow.

"Kami.. it's been a long, hard day-" I instantly put my finger up to his lips to silence him.

"Let me say that again," I cleared my throat, "Harry, take me out. Now. So we can get some drinks." Harry still couldn't seem to get it through his thick skull that I just wanted one night to have fun.

"Alcohol is not good for athletic people like us."

I would have laughed at his comment, but I didn't have enough energy to even bring myself to giggle, "Oh come on, I'm sure Michael Phelps drinks more than the both of us together and he's still more accomplished than we'll ever be." I responded back coldly.

"Fine, I will go out and get a few drinks, but I'm not drinking with you." I was starting to get a bit upset with him. After today, I just wanted to let go and he was really holding back. I mean I guess I wasn't upset, but.. frustrated. Which is probably because I'm having so many mixed emotions because of everything that happened today.

I didn't respond to his statement though, I grabbed the keys from his hand and pulled him back outside. I got into the passengers side of the car, and started the car while Harry got in the drivers side. We drove off to a nearby, sketchy gas station and I got some kind of girly alcoholic beverage, while Harry got some beer. He said he wasn't going to drink, but he said it may be useful later on, but then after that we headed back home.

I practically ripped open the 6-pack of my drinks once we got inside, and opened the bottle. "Easy there tiger." Harry said in a amusing, but serious tone of voice.

I ignored his warning and brought the bottle up to my lips before drinking the entire bottle without taking one single breath. Harry seemed pretty impressed, but I was too anxious to get drunk to even realize that. I grabbed another bottle, and tried to drink it as fast as I did before but Harry took the bottle away. "Could you please just slow down before you choke or something?"

It didn't take much for me to get drunk, and I was already starting to see two Harry's. I turned around and grabbed one of his beer's and handed it to him. "Drink one, and I'll slow down." Harry squinted his eyes at me before taking a bottle, "Promise?" I nodded in response and took a sip of my drink.

Harry opened the bottle and took a drink, and a small smile crept onto my face. Not a creepy one, just a pleased one. I grabbed another one of my drinks and walked over to the couch. I hummed quietly to myself and set the unopened drink on the table side. "Let's play a game." I said giggling a bit.

Harry walked over, and stood behind the couch. "What game?" I took a sip of my drink again, which was almost gone now, and thought of a game. A smirk appeared on my face as I came up with a game. "Twister." Harry instantly rolled his eyes.

"Only because you're adorable when you drink." He scoffed, "Let's go get changed first." I squealed with excitement and finished my drink before going upstairs to get changed. I practically fell going up the stairs too, but thankfully the non-drunken Harry saved me. After we had gotten changed, Harry set up Twister while I slowly made my way down the stairs. Once it was set up we started playing.

"Right foot on the red circle." Harry told me, and I put my right foot on a red circle. I spun for him then, "Right hand on the blue circle."

He put his hand on the circle next to my foot, squatting down a bit. He spun for me, and I had to put my left foot on a green circle. Which was on the other side of the board. I followed the instructions, and my butt ended up right in Harry's face. I heard Harry chuckling and I swayed my hips a bit, "Jealous you don't have an ass as nice as this one?" Harry nodded and spoke sarcastically, "Definitely." 

We continued playing the game, and eventually Harry had his Left and right hand on a yellow circle, his right foot on a red circle, and his left foot on a blue circle. I happened to be right next to him with my right hand on a red circle, left hand on a blue circle, and both my feet on green circle's. This left us practically on top of each other, and our faces extremely close to each other. I was being extremely unlike myself too. I was super giggly, flirty, and weird. Which Harry seemed to be enjoying. I was starting to lose my balance too, and Harry raised an eyebrow. "If you fall I'm going to win." I quickly tried to regain my balance, obviously not wanting to lose.

"I never lose." My words slurred slightly, because I was obviously drunk. Harry raised an eyebrow in curiosity and blew on my face a bit. I snickered and quickly lost my balance, I landed on top of Harry a bit. I quickly got off him, and then straddled him. I leaned down a bit, my hair falling off my shoulders as I looked down at him. "Soo.. What does the winner want?" I said teasingly.

Harry reached up and pushed some of my hair behind my ear, "How about.." I leaned down a bit more, assuming that he wanted a kiss, "Another beer." I stopped in place and squinted my eyes at him.

"You're so mean." I quickly got off him and went to go get him one of his beers. I handed it to him, then sat on his stomach seems how he was still laying on the floor. I had also grabbed a drink for myself and was drinking it. This was my 4th drink now, and I was so unbelievably drunk.

"Hey Harry?" I spoke up, breaking the awkward silence. He burped loudly, "Yeah?"

I swirled my drink a bit and tilted my head to the side a bit, "Wanna play 10 questions?" I was really up for playing games, and I was still in an extremely flirty mood. Plus, I actually didn't know too much about Harry. Well obviously I did, but I was curious and drunk. "Sure." He replied calmly. I quickly turned on my stomach and laid on top of him. "Okay I'm going first.." I tapped my chin as I thought.

"Who was the first girl you ever screwed?" A light pink blush covered his cheeks, "Well I haven't really had a 'first girl' yet." My eyes instantly widened, but he was supposed to be a man whore. I made a weird face as I thought and Harry only chuckled. "Just because I date a lot of girls doesn't mean I fuck them." I nodded, that was true.

"Okay next question, Which super power do you wish you had?" He put my hands on his chest, and rested my chin on my hands.

"I wish I could attract any girl in the world." I raised an eyebrow, "But I don't need that now seems how you fell for me."

"You think I fell for you?" I said sarcastically and bursted out laughing. Harry sat up a bit, and lifted my chin a bit so he could kiss me. At first I resisted like the stubborn little person I am, but I gave in eventually. After our little happy session he pulled away and laid back down with his hands rested behind his head, "Yes, Yes I do."

I rolled my eyes, "Describe the worst date you've ever been on."

Harry sighed, "Well.." He stayed silent as he thought, "Oh yeah! Well there was this one date I had at Taco bell with this very argumentative girl. And she kept complaining about my eating habits, and how annoying I was.." I stared at Harry with an unamused face, which caused him to smirk.

"Curly.." I warned in a threatening voice.

"Hey but she was extremely cute." I slapped his chest, "Stop playing cute."

"Anyways, next question, would you get a tattoo that represented something about me?" I asked as I traced my finger around the two birds that were near his collarbone.

"Of course, why? Do you want me to get one?" I shrugged, "I think it would be a great idea for me to tattoo a ass(donkey) on my arm, and name it after you."

"You're a horrible boyfriend, you know that?" He chuckled. "What are two if your biggest turn ons?"

"Ooh that's a good one." He hummed quietly as he thought, "I like it when girls play with my hair.. and when they trace my tattoo's." I instantly pulled my hand away and stuck my tongue out at him in an angrily manor. He quickly sat up and bit my tongue gently.

"Ugh you're disgusting." I took another drink from my bottle and pushed his back, back down on the ground. "Question six.. what color of underwear are you wearing?" He chuckled a bit, "I don't remember why don't you look for me."

"You really know how to ruin everything." I pushed off him, and laid next to him. He laughed a bit and rolled over, and hovered over top of me. He rested his hands on either side of my head and leaned down to peck my lips. I stubbornly turned my head to the side before he could finish his motion, "Aw come on kiss me beautiful." He leaned down a bit more, and I pushed his face away.

"I don't want your cooties." Harry pretended to lose his balance then and collapsed on top of me. I groaned in pain and tried to push him off, "Get off!" I whimpered a bit as he pretended to be asleep. "I'm not stupid, get ooofffff." I groaned loudly again before Harry brought his hands up to my side and tickled me. I squealed loudly and covered my mouth.

"Ticklish much?" He laughed and I shook my head, he ran his finger tips down my sides again and I squirmed underneath of him. "Knock it off Curly!" He laughed a bit and got up off me, but continued to tickle me. I squirmed and laughed while sending him threatening words.

After a while he finally gave into me and stopped tickling me. I gasped for air desperately, and wiped the tears from my eyes. Now I was going to get him back. "Fine if you're going to play this game-" I grabbed his shirt by the collar and pushed him on the floor, I got on top of him and straddled his waist. I lifted up his shirt enough to reveal the butterfly on his chest. I leaned down a bit, and traced the butterfly with my tongue. He held his breath as I did so, before warning me to stop. I did as he said and looked up at him innocently.

I leaned down then to kiss him passionately. I escalated the kiss but bringing his lip between my teeth and tugging on it gently. He grabbed my hips and deepened the kiss then. He kissed me hard, and slid his tongue into my mouth exploring my mouth. It seemed like forever before we finally pulled away, and I was completely out of breath again. His mood had changed now, but mine hadn't. Which he couldn't tell whether I was being serious about this, or if I was just teasing him. Which is just what I wanted.

After catching our breath I leaned down and kissed him a bit harder than before, while running my hands through his hair. At one point he sucked on my tongue a bit, and I tugged on his hair playfully. I deep groan escaped his lips and I moved my hips against his a bit. He shot me a warning look and I smirked. I ran my hands down his chest, down his stomach, and to the hem of his sweatpants. I looped my finger around the hem of his pants and tugged them down a bit. I could see a small tent form in his pants and I knew that this was my cue. I quickly patted his stomach before standing up and grabbing my drink.

Harry immediately sat up and looked at me confused. I couldn't help but chuckle as I finished off my drink and walked upstairs, "I'm going to bed." I quickly stopped in place and looked at Harry who didn't seem to happy anymore. "Oh and you might want to take care of that." I said pointing down at his pants, he narrowed his eyes at me.

"You little-" I blew him a kiss and walked upstairs. I crawled into bed, and threw the covers over myself. A smirk remained across my face, as I felt extremely accomplished.

I stayed awake in bed alone for about an hour before Harry came in my room. He had taken care of his business by now, and had showered. I pretended to be asleep, until he crawled into bed. "Took you long enough." He jumped slightly.

"God damn you-" I laughed, my eyes were still closed, and he put an arm around me. I cuddled into his chest, enjoying his warmth. "You enjoy yourself?"

He scoffed, "Would've been better if-" I put my finger up to his lips.

"Nope." I laughed and cuddled a bit closer to him before starting to drift off to sleep. The Alcohol was starting to make me feel extremely tired, probably because I was no longer on my 'high' I guess you could call it. Harry was feeling the same, because before I could fall asleep his muffled snores filled the room.

I smiled to myself and gripped onto Harry's t-shirt as I feel into a peaceful sleep. Not one worry was on my mind, and I had no cares in the world. I was happy. I knew that I shouldn't be happy after a day like today, but I knew I could be happy because I had Harry by my side, and alcohol was still running through my blood. Which, was probably the biggest reason why I wasn't locking myself in my room and crying the night away.

But either way, I knew Harry would be there for me. There was something about him that made me know he wouldn't leave. And that reassuring reason was the one reason why I could finally sleep one night without dreaming about Derek.


A/N: I finally updated OWO yay! Sorry this was a little bit later than expected. I said I'd post this at three, but we had some new trainee at work and she was late. Yeah some of you know how that goes. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed the chapter. It wasn't as long as I thought it was going to be, but it's better than nothing at all. (Not edited)

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