X factor love xx


2. X factor audition

I kiss my mum and brother and walk into a little room. I so scared. There's four people sitting at a desk in front of me. But it isn't Redfoo, Danni, Natalie or Ronan. 'Hi we are the producers of the show, you will sing for us and we will decide if your good enough to go through to meet the judges' the say glumly. 'Alright' I reply nervously. 'Whats your darl'? The man on the far right ask me. 'Emily Martinez'. 'What will you be singing'? 'Say something by A great big world and Christina Aguilira' I reply.

I finish and there's a bit of a pause. 'Well Emily, we've come to a decision... Your through'! I say thankyou and walk out almost dropping my guitar because my hands are so sweaty. 'I made it through mum'! I nearly scream. 'Well done honey, I'm so proud of you'.

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