X factor love xx


3. Performing for the Judges

I go back to the X factor and this time I'm performing for Natalie, Redfoo, Danni and Ronan. I'm not as nervous today.

---------- few minutes later ----------

I finish singing and wait patiently for their answer. ' Emily, Emliy, you sing such and amazing song, and sung it very well'. 'Thankyou' I reply. 'Your through'! After the show I meet all the others who made it through. There was one boy who stood out. He had Blonde hair and blue eyes. His name was Niall I think. He was 18, one year older than me. We talk for a bit but we were interrupted by Ronan, he was calling is over to put is in categories. I was in the under 20's and so was Niall. I was happy about that.

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