X factor love xx


5. kicked out

My m and I are having an argument about god knows what. She always haves a spaz about nothing. I run up stairs and being to pack my bags. She's kicking me out. I run out the door and down the road until I have to stop for a breather. I sit on the curb and relise I have no where to go. I remember what Niall had said but I don't want to be a burden. I think about and decide that I will text him.

- To Niall -

Hey Nialler, I have been kicked out and I have know where to go.

- From Emily -

- To Emily -

Hey Em, you can catch a train to my house. Glad you text I've been. Wanting to see you.

- From Niall

I'm so relived! He lives by himself which is a bonus. I catch the train to his house and he's waiting outside. I run up to him and he gives a massive bear hug. 'Ive missed you so much Emily' he cries. 'Ive missed you too Ni' I reply. He takes me inside and shows me my room. He sits on the bed I guess is mine now. I sit next to him and we talk for a bit having a bit of a catch up. He then tells me he needs to ask him something. 'Emily, I love you so much and I was wondering if you would like to be my girlfriend' he says shyly. 'Nialler, of course I would'. He presses his lips against mine. I was shocked at first but then I kissed him back passionately.

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