X factor love xx


6. chapter 6

I've been living with Niall for two weeks now.

I was woken by Nialls phone. He was in the shower so I decide to read the text. It was from someone called harry.

- to niall -

Hey Niall, me and the boys are coming round in 30imutes be ready.

- from Harry -

As I finished reading the text Niall got out of the shower. I told him he a text from someone called Harry. He asked me if I minded. I just shook my head. So I guess I'm going to meet Nialls friends now. That's should be cool I guess. 'They're really funny Emily' Niall laughs. 'I bet'.

There's a knock on the door. It's probably Harry and his friends. I decide to answer it. 'Who are you' Harry exclaims. 'I'm Emily, one of Nialls umm .. Friends' I reply. 'Oh okay, well I'm Harry, this is Louis, Liam and Zayn'. They say hi and I wave as they walk in.

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