Everything has changed

It's just another normal day for Katelyn Gillespie at Liberty high... Until she meets the new brown haired mischievous angel


1. The New Kid

It was 12:00 in the afternoon, just another normal day at Liberty High. I was sitting through a boring lecture by my English teacher, Mr. Thompson. All though I LOVE the wonders of using commas and semicolons in new ways (SARCASM) I just couldn't focus! Something was different that day and I didn't know what... I was next to the window and had a very clear view of the beautiful sky. It was a beautiful baby blue with little whit clouds that looked like cotton balls. I pushed my brown hair behind my ear and kept pretending to listen while scanning the room for something interesting to think about. All of the sudden the door swung open and a boy walked in. He was tall and slim but built. He obviously worked out a lot. He had a good bit of tattoos which is different for an 11th grader but a lot of people had at least one tattoo so it wasn't uncommon. He had a very gorgeous smile with the most adorable dimples I've ever seen. But the thing that stood out the most was his beautifully stunning hair! It was so curly and messy! His brown locks were seemingly effortlessly thrown around but looked amazingly sexy! I loved it! I tried not to let him or anyone else see my look of astonishment. I just couldn't help but let my jaw drop, he had this thing about him, some sort of qaulity that drove me hysterical! He spoke, "Hi, I'm Harry... I'm new" I was even more In awe now at the sound of his voice! He was like an angel but at the same time he looked so bad and hot! I didn't know what to think. "Go ahead and sit there next to Katelyn", Mr. Thompson instructed Harry. He was going to sit next to ME! I saw all the other girls look at me with jealous and angry expressions and I couldn't help but giggle to myself. He say down quickly and quietly. I tried to steal a glance at him but his eyes caught mine. He smiled and I instantly got these butterflies all in my stomach. "Hey, Katelyn" he said softly so Mr. Thompson wouldn't hear. He said it as if he were testing out my name and I loved it. It sounded so right when he said it. As if it was meant to come from his tongue. I blushed and hid my face behind my long curly hair. He laughed and got out his books.

After class he stopped me in the hall. "Sorry for staring during class... I just couldn't help but notice how breathtakingly beautiful you are..." My heart raced as he said these words to me. My brain searched for the right words... "Wow, thankyou... You wanna grab a coffee at lunch?" I asked sort of stupidly. "That would be great! I would love to!" Harry smirked at me. He winked then walked away. I could feel my heart pounding as I clutched my books to my stomach and un-noticingly bit my lip. Today was not going to be a normal day... And I still had 2 more periods until lunch! The anxiety and nervousness of waiting for that first date with Harry was going to kill me!

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