My first and last love

This is something a bit different but hope y'all like it.
A young girl and her brother are sent away because of the war but what will happen while they are away and who will they met



It was a beautiful sunny day, but not every thing was joyful. Father was a firemen, he had been pulled away to go to war two days ago. Thinking things would get better was a complete mistake. Now mother was getting taken away.

Mother told us that everything would be okay, and that in a few months we would have to stay with some very kind people for a little while until she came back.

I turned to look at Jack, my brother, I could see it in his eyes that what she said was a complete lie to try and reassure us.

I threw my arms around mother and started to cry, this could not be possible. As I slowly let go of mother, two men came barging in. They asked to talk to mother in privet. I saw mothers pale face, she was shocked and started to cry faintly. She told the men that no matter what happened Jack and I must stay together. She slowly walked over to Us, wiping away the tears from her face.

Jack asked if everything was okay, mother nodded her head. She bent down and grabbed mine and Jacks hands gently. She said that we would have to pack our bags and it would be the last night as a family. We would be taken to the train station in the morning and we would be staying with a "new" family for a while until she came back.I hugged mother and buried my face into mothers short golden hair.

Chapter 2

When we got to the train station there were many other children there. I held on to mother's hand tightly as people started to board the train. Mother let go of my hand and said to Jack and I we had to go now. Once again, I hugged mother like it was going to be the last, Jack joined in the hug with a simple tear running down his face.

I grabbed Jacks Hand as it was our turn to board. Tears were filling my eyes as I took one last look at mother.

Jack and I sat down, not knowing we're we were going. I squeezed Jack's hand as the train stared to move. I looked back at mothers , she wiped her tears away with father's old handkerchief and turned away to leave the train station. I was going to miss mother.

Chapter 3

The train came to a stop, I looked out the window there were many smiling faces. I wondered if anyone of those people were going to be our new family.

Jack stood up and told me to stay close, I followed Jack to our bags.

We jumped off the train as a couple walked towards us.

They greeted us with smiles and questions.

"Hi, you two must be Jack and Lilly. How old are you two?"

"I am 17 and my sister here is 14" replied Jack.

Jack looked at me and told me that these people would be our "new family"

There names were Mr and Mrs Jones.

We slowly walked behind Mr and Mrs Jones to their car. The car looked very expensive and flash. We hopped into their car and drove off into the country side. The car ride was about an hour long and all I could think about was being sad about not seeing mother so I keeped quiet and let Jack do all the talking.

We slowly turned into a long driveway and at the end of it was a huge White House, a red little barn and a paddock with 3 brown horses galloping around. A smile creeped onto my face, even though I was going to miss mother terribly I new I was going to have a joyful experience here with my "new family"

Chapter 4

As we gathered our bags from the Jones car I noticed a young boy around my age in the paddock feeding the horses. I walked over to Mrs jones asked her who he was. "Oh silly me I must of forgot!"

She called his name out and he came running over. "Lilly and Jack this Max, Max this is Lilly and Jack" she said introducing us. I looked into his bright blue eyes, they were amazing. "This is my nephew, he lives with us now since the accident"

I shook his hand and greeted him. Suddenly Mr jones shouted out "hurry up you lot, we need to organise who gets what room"

Mrs jones chuckled and helped with my bags.

I walked in side and took a look around me, I had never seen anything like it before! Jack and I walked up the stairs and at the top there was a long hall way. I asked who else lived here because of how many rooms there were. "Oh just me, bill (mr jones) and max. The rest of the room are spares"

Mr jones butted in"We do have a library, maxes room and our room up here, so not all of them are spares" I nodded my head to let them know I understood.

There were two rooms next to each other to jack they seemed the exact same but to me they were different. I begged jack if i could have the one with the big window that looked out onto the whole paddock and barn. For some odd reason I only wanted it so I could watch max, he interested me and he had beautiful eyes.

Jack sighed said yes after a long time, I think he was just fed up of me saying please.

I unpacked all my things and laid them out on my blanket. I carefully placed my doll that I got from mother and father when I was 7 on the hand stitched pillows.

A while later Mr and mr jones knocked on my door and came in with a small present in their hands, jack followed in after them. "I little birdie told us that it was someone's 14th birthday a couple of days ago" said the jones happily. I smiled. They handed me the present and wished me a happy birthday. I gently opened the present and inside was a fifty dollar note. I looked up at them in shock, "really? For me?"

"Yes of corse dear, we didn't know what you like but now you can choose what you want" said mrs jones happily. "We will go shopping in town in the weekend so you can decide what you want" cheered mrs jones

"Thank you so much" I hopped out of my bed to give them a huge hug but I stopped, I just froze, standing there. I turned around slowly and got into bed, It just didn't feel right. mr jones jumped in and said,

"Now, Jack hope into bed and have a good night sleep we have a sunny day tomorrow".

Chapter 5

The next morning I woke up about eight thirty to smell a delishish smell of breakfast, I quickly got changed into a purple floral dress and brushed my brown golden hair until it was smooth and silky. I walked down the stairs and there was mr and mrs jones cooking some lovely bacon and eggs. "Wow, this is amazing! We hardly ever get this" I said excitedly

"We'll lucky you then, you get first serve" replied mr jones

"Really! What about max and jack or what about you two?"

"Max and jack skipped out on breakfast today, they went out with the horses. And us well we will have ours in a minute, now eat up"

Mrs jones placed the plate of food in front of me, I said thank you and started to eat strait away. I finished I washed my plate and put it away so I could go play out side. I ran upstairs and got my gumboots then ran back down stairs and when to find the boys.

I found the boys with the horse, "hi lily, we were just about to ride them would you like to join" jack asked

"Hi jack, hi max, yes please I would love too"

"Okay well I'm going to go and put my shoes on, you two wait here" jack said quickly.

Jack ran off towards the house, now was my chance to make an impression but before I could do or say anything he gave me something, it was a necklace. "Sorry it's late and its not wrapped ebut happy birthday" max said

"Thank you max but you really didn't have to do this"

"You don't like it? If so I can..."

"No! I love it" I intterupted

I gave max a quick kiss on the cheek to show my thankfulness.

"Okay I'm ready" jack shouted excitedly.

We grabbed a helmet and saddled up our horses.

Luckily Jack and I had been horse ridding before otherwise I don't think we could of got on our horses and rid them. I was having a great time and to make it better max came and rode next to me, it seemed very romantic.

A couple of hours later, Jack checked his watch, It was almost lunch time so we headed back to the barn and took off all the gear and placed it back neatly wear we found it. Max and Jack took back the horses while I ran inside and asked if there was anything I could do to help with lunch.

Lunch was ready and the boys came in. "Go wash your hands for lunch" said mrs jones.

Jack, Max and I ran upstairs to the bathroom and washed our hands.

For lunch mrs jones made us some ham sandwiches witch we're absolutely delicious.

*Later that day*

"Okay children it's time to get ready for bed" called mrs jones

We ran upstairs to our bedrooms, when I walked into my bedroom I found a piece of paper on my pillow. It was from mother! I called jack into my room and we read it together.

"My dear Lilly and Jack,

I hope you are enjoying your new family, I am very sorry for having to leave you but they needed help with connecting with everybody. I can't wait until I see your two beautiful faces again. I love you both dearly

Love from mother"

I put the letter under my bed, where it was safe. I hopped into bed praying mother and father would be okay.

Chapter 6

The very next morning it was raining hard, the trees were swaying around Like crazy and the sky was dark and gloomy. I put on my dressing gown and went down stairs. "Well Lilly I think we might have to go shopping tomorrow, what do you think?"

"I agree, what happened to all the beautiful weather."I sighed

Jack and Max came running down into the lounge. "One of the big trees near the barn has fallen over, and the horses are in there!" said Max in horror.

"What are we going to do" gasped Mrs Jones

"I will call the fire-brigade" Mr jones replied

That one word made me burst out into tears, I really missed father and mother. I quickly walked into my room hoping no one noticed and lay there, holding my doll and the letter.

Jack came in and held me tight. Hours past we had fallen asleep on the bed.

I woke up later on, and turned to look at Jack but he wasn't there. I got up to look our my window I could see flashing lights, there were many people trying to lift the tree up. I couldn't of gone down there so I lay back in bed hoping the best.

In the morning the sun was shinning bright through the window, I jumped out of bed and I looked out the window, Jack was grooming the horses with Max. I was happy the horses were okay and nothing bad happend.

I had a shower and got ready, I came down stairs mr and mrs jones were out. "There at the shops buying the groceries" max said

"Oh okay" I smiled "how are the horses"

"they are good, just a bit shocked"

*hours later*

Max then invited me for a walk down the paddock.

Chapter 7

As we were talking max suddenly stopped.

"Why haven't you asked me about the accident" he asked while looking at me with his beautiful eyes

"I didn't want to be rude"

"We'll ask me"

I stared at him, speechless.

"I will just tell you, when I was 7 me and my parents were off to the biggest carnival in London. We were in our new car, Mother and Father were arguing like always, But as we were driving across train tracks Father wasn't looking and a train took the whole front of the car off, as well as mother and father" "that's why I now live here with mr and mrs jones, they were the closest to family of what we had"

"Max, I'm so sorry, you really didn't have to tell me" I said shocked

"It's okay, I wanted to"

I smiled at him. Max looked up at the sky, then held my hand and started running.

"Come on, I have to show you something"

We ended up at this small yet beautiful place where trees where tall and over our heads like a tunnel, bright flowers covering the earth like a blanket, and a small shelter built with bamboo near a small blue pond.

We sat down under the shelter in silence watching the sunset.

Max stoop up and grabbed my hand and pulled me into the pond, I couldn't believe it.

"What are you thinking" I said

Max laughed and splashed me with water, I then splashed him back. Before I knew it we were having a water fight, max stopped, he gently grabbed me by the waist and pulled me closer. He moved my hair behind my ears and kissed me. The. Something dropped on my head, I look up it started to rain, we quickly ran out of the pond and back to the house, where we found mr and mrs jones sitting on the couch in grief.

"What's wrong" I asked

"You might want to sit down" replied mrs jones

Max and I sat down looking at each other in questionary.

"Jack is dead"

Chapter 8

I looked at them blankly

"He was driving down to the shops to get us some milk, he offered to go down" mr jones explained. I just sat there staring at the ground, with tears streaming down my face.

Max put his arm around me to reassure me. I couldn't believe it, I pushed maxes arm off of me and ran outside of the house, I couldn't see anything. The rain now had turned to hail, I did even care I wanted to get away, away from everything.

I feel over, I just sat there in the mud, I didn't know where I was, it was now dark, I felt lonely and scared. I wanted Jack to be here, next to me. I wanted father and mother. I cried until I fell asleep, it was the worst feeling.

"Lily, lily are you okay?"

It was max, I sat up I was a bit wobbly. I wrapped my arms around him still faintly crying, I dug my head into his shoulder felling the ends of his black silkily hair on my ear. He kissed me on the top of my head.

"Everything will be okay, I promise"

We walked back to the house, slowly, I had no idea what time it was now I couldn't see anything at all but luckily max had a touch.

We got back to the house mr and mrs jones were pacing p and down the hall, they saw me come in and came up to me and asked If I was okay. I didn't speak, they then told me that they called mother and father and told them the tragic news, mother and father were coming home!

(A week later)

It was time to go, all my bags were packed and I had Jacks stuff aswel, we were waiting for the taxi as I said my goodbyes, it was the usual goodbye with mr and mrs jones but when I stood in front of the love of my life, I burst out crying. Max held me tight, I didn't want to leave him. He slowly let go and looked me in the eyes, then kissed me one last time. I hugged him as the taxi Pulled in the drive way. I smiled at everyone in sadness and waved goodbye.

The taxi trip was silent as well as the train ride, I missed Jack, memories started to fill my mind. Tears were forming in my eyes until I saw mother and father I ran up to them tears no streaming down my face. It was good to see mothers blue eyes and fathers misty brown hair.

Chapter 9

Jacks funeral was sad. I wore the dress he got me for my 13th birthday, lucky it still fit and it was black. It was over very quickly all I remember now it that it was mainly tears.

Back at home I was reading jacks favourite book 'the bunker diary' it was good, better than I thought. Then I heard a knock at the door, I ran to the door, it was max.


〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 hope you all liked it I'm working on another one!

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