The girl in japan

How would you like it if you were the strongest girl ? To lose your parents at a young age and to have to deal with life so young . To be a normal girl but with a super strength that your afraid to show and a talent to dance and sing. This is a story of a girl with a future that is unpredictable.


2. chapter2

I check the time 2:15. Okay I can stop by the store and buy a packed lunch from Amy and Grey, such a nice caring couple. As I am taking my usual route through the busy roads of japan. I see that the need poster of the dandelions . My favorite band ever! Well the only band I listened to in my whole life. The dandelions are three girls and they are so cute! Atiko, kaska, and allina.

Atiko is 5'5 and she has medium blonde curly hair . Kaska is 5'6 and she has long sleek black hair. Allina is 5'8 and she has short hair that is straight rustic orange.

I check my wallet to see I am broke ..... That means I will get to have a job. Yay! Jobs are so fun . I have never had a bad job yet .

I tell Amy and Grey about my problem and they gave me a free carton of rice .ugh. I guess I will have to start a job today or else I won't be eating tomorrow.

I go into city square . A bookstore , a cute girly shop, a make up place , and a McDonald are all hiring .

I chose the cute girly shop . I go into the shop to the front desk to see a little thin old man carrying boxes from the front to the back door with the employee sign. In all that commotion I see his name on his name tag -duke. He starts into the isles of the store.I try to catch his attention.

"Mr.Duke?"he doesn't hear me . I continue to follow him " hello ,Mr.Duke ?" He finally hears me and stops

"How can I help this little miss?"

" I was wondering about the job open-"

He throws the boxes into my arms "you're hired"

" I thought the one to hire people was the manager-"

"I am the manager."

Confused about the boxes in my arms " what am I supposed to do with these boxes mr?"

" stock the shelves sweetie with the product on it"

"Okay!" Smiling

" okay so tomorrow I want you to come in tomorrow at 2:45 and all the days after that for work at 3:30 . The hourly pay is 5 dollars an hour . Tomorrow I will have a uniform for you and a name tag. What is your name hun?"

"My name is jackelyn. Jackle for short."

" how about kely? It is just a small part of your name but it is cuter ."

" that is awesome." Smiles wide. I start stocking the shelves and get done is 20 minutes. I go to find Mr.Duke for the second task." Mr.Duke what should I do for my next task?"

"Go through out the store and remember the things in the isles. This will help you with tomorrow's work."

"Okay, I will start right away." I go to the first isle to see it is all bears. I proceed to the second isle which is bunnies. Then the third isle is pandas. The forth isle is safari animals. The fifth isle is peace signs . The sixth isle is anything to do with Pop-stars and models. The seventh isle is just a wall of magazines and the other wall is the cash register . This store was halfway filled to capacity . Not surprising to me since everything is so cute. The walls are lavender and the floor is a majestic baby blue and sunset orange . The store was called " cuteness"

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