The girl in japan

How would you like it if you were the strongest girl ? To lose your parents at a young age and to have to deal with life so young . To be a normal girl but with a super strength that your afraid to show and a talent to dance and sing. This is a story of a girl with a future that is unpredictable.


1. chapter1

"Why do I have to go to school with a bunch of Idiots. They don't even try and then they think they can challenge me . So what if I am only thirteen , in 8th grade and in a junior and senior combines high school. It isn't easy being the strongest girl in the world."

"Okay mom dad, I am leaving . "I said , to the empty house behind me.

Walking up these stupid hills just to get to school is stupid . Why does the only school with low school fee have to have no busses. Plus we have this tacky pink and baby blue uniform. I look like walking cotton candy! Even worse since the principal is a pervert ,stalker, and a creep (well to me only really). She wanted the uniform to be :

For girls: a pink silk top with slightly fluffy shoulders , a blue button up vest, and all year round really short blue kilt skirts with either (this goes by grade , symbols are white ) 7th- stars 8th- polka dots 9th- butterflies 10th- rainbows 11th- flowers 12th- diamonds on them.

For boys : a blue top with a white knitted vest that a grandma would make, and pink pants . The boys simply need to have a symbol on there vest showing there grade (just like the girls).

Lucky me , since I have medium features everything should fit perfectly but I get a size bigger since I can move and have a longer skirt .

I break the dress code everyday by wearing pants instead of a stupid skirt . I sorry that I don't want the new kid to look up my skirt and not know what is coming to him until he is knocked out .

I finally get to the side door . saker and his hooligan band of 6 misfits are waiting there for a me. " what do you want ,saker?"

" just the usual, boys get her"

" oh come on this is easy" i lose all emotions and knock all of them with one sweep of the foot out unconscious . Saker always does this every Monday .

I am about to walk through the door when saker looks at me and grins like a evil war lord.

I would not be surprised if the door or a wall suddenly falls in this school because it is so worn down. I go to change my shoes in my shoe locker .( purpose of it is to not have wet halls from water or any dirt since there are only garbage people and teachers. And the students clean their classrooms.) I proceed to my classroom. In this school there is only one hallway with 7 doors , one for each grade and they are scattered randomly , the last is the principals office at the end of the corridor , hells gate.

I am walking through the hallway feeling the glances and hearing the whispers and giggles of my fellow schoolmates. I walk into my classroom to a flipped desk with sharpie all over it and a chair that looks like it went through the pencil war. I pick up the desk, brush off the chair , and sat down. Sitting there scanning the room I see that the group of cheerful normal life boys are fooling around . And then a group of over reacting girls are going gaga over them ,heart eyes and all. I check the time and see it is 7:29. One minute till paper ball, eraser, pencil throwing and desk kicking. My hell.

After all the torturing and school work school is finally over . I wait till the hallway is slightly clear and start to go out .

click click click cliCK CLICK

Oh no the devils footsteps are getting closer to me.

"Jackle, how are you doing today?" She glances into my room at my desk with a frown and then grabbed my hip . "Here jackle , come to my office and we can talk about this if you want "

"No, I do not want to talk about such a small and silly subject as a desk and chair being tortured"

I get out of the claws grasp and walk to my shoe locker . I open my shoe locker to my shoes neatly set like how I left them . I check for tacks or any other traps and it seems everyone is laying off finally. I can finally leave but only hope I can never go back.

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