The girl in japan

How would you like it if you were the strongest girl ? To lose your parents at a young age and to have to deal with life so young . To be a normal girl but with a super strength that your afraid to show and a talent to dance and sing. This is a story of a girl with a future that is unpredictable.


6. chapter 6

After all the singing and dancing and the quick changing of clothes the concert was over and wow I was tired .

Atiko , kaska and allina didn't even look tired .surprising because atiko should have been sweating like me since we are closest in body type.

Thinking of how fun that was I said " I can't believe you get to do this all the time !" Only to be met with glares .

They all turn away and walk into their huge dressing room ,slamming the door behind them. As I was about to go in I got stopped and put into a separate dressing room because " your new and the dandelions don't like new people ".

As I was getting changed I heard whispers from the outside of the door " is she going to be able to get out of the concert hall and home alive ?" "Poor girl is going to get trampled" "she better not talk to Allina, Kaska, and Atiko like they are on the same level or she is going to be in a heap of trouble!"

Why would I be in trouble? They are nice people. Good thing I didn't..... Oh darn it ! I did talk to them...... What is going to happen ? Oh well who could give a flying pig. Now what is this about getting home I just have to go to Walter to ..... Oh really why did I forget about him ! He must have been shocked at my appearance in the show . I am such a dead girl.

I walked out of the closet to be greeted by three men. They were all bishies . So hot I could have fainted . But what was with their dark mean scary glares . Why do u have to be the one looked at like prey!

I go to walk out of the door I had been dragged in from by the guard that said I was at fault for the run away. To only hear from behind " good lucky." "She is dead"

I walk out to probably all of the people at the concert in the hallway to the exit . It was so crowded . So I just join in the pushing and shoving to get out to the car where Walter and Ted would be .

I start walking next to these bubbly teenage girls probably 3 years older than me . When I hear " oh look I got a picture of that cute boy on stage!"

I was so curious about that when on stage might as well see who they were talking about .

I look in the cracks of their arms (since they where 3 to 5 inches taller than me) to see a picture of a cute boy who looks like me .

I look in the reflective counter of the com session stand that was close by. It seem that I am the boy . " AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I scream like and idiot forgetting I was in a crowded hall of people who just saw me preform .

Not only did I get the people at the con session stand to look at me I had everyone in the hall turn to look at me and freeze. Crap

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