The girl in japan

How would you like it if you were the strongest girl ? To lose your parents at a young age and to have to deal with life so young . To be a normal girl but with a super strength that your afraid to show and a talent to dance and sing. This is a story of a girl with a future that is unpredictable.


5. chapter 5

" who are you Mr. Fancy dresser?"

" I am the manager of the dandelions and that lady that you let run away was the new member of the band "


"So you will have to take her place ! Even if you suck!"

" what um um HEY I DONT SUCK!"

"I hope so." He signed shortly after ."hey get her ready !"

I get dragged into an overly lighted orange room by a girly group of girls . It was full of dandelions performing clothes . I am about 5'3 so I am really small compared to the other people in the dandelions. So they put a costume on me and it would just hang off me . They were all currently giggle and saying "awe so cute!" "You're adorable" " picture !" They finally pick a medium yellow skirt with black trimming . A striped black and yellow shirt . And yellow ballet flats with a fuzzy ball on top that was black and yellow . They put shiny yellow stuff on my eye lids and but this pinky pink lipstick . Then they put my hair in little yellow flower pig tails . I looked like a walking bumble bee! So cute! This whole time I am studying the songs . Then I am dragged off after all this to a room with a tape of the girls dancing . It looked really easy to their last concert . I watched my part . I had to only jump in the air and do a triple back flip and land in a cartwheel. Then I have coordinated steps with the rest . I got this . (I forgot to mention I am a fast learner!)

"Stage ready!" I hear from behind .

I get pushed to a side stage and I knew it was going to start . In the script I am to walk in from the right side if the stage yelling " hello!" Cheerfully . While the other three come on saying the same but in different emotions. Atiko is to come in on the other side saying hello mysteriously .kaska is to come in in the middle with allina they are to be leaning on each others back allina is the be mischievous and kaska is to be stunningly graceful and beautiful .

As I am waiting for my awaiting q-u I notice my hair is stuck in the velcrove wall. The only way to get free is to pull my hair out of it . But then I will look like a freak.

I see a pair of scissors .......sssssCH. I only hoped for the best as my stage q-u was called .

"Hello" I said

"Hello"said atiko

"Hello"kaska said

"Hello" allina said

I went to the center of the stage as the others did in the video.

We all huddle I grab atiko's shoulder and we all move in a group swishing side to side with each other . As I hear " what a cute boy!!" I guessed they just saw a fan of the dandelions .

We start singing as soon as we stop swishing .

I am supposed to go up to the second stair and sing " I didn't know it was meant to be "

Then kaska sang along " I thought you weren't for me "

Then allina and atiko harmonize singing " we met by the railroad . You where acting as a clown. I thought you were nothing and just walked away."

I then sing out loud" iiiii may have just glimpse at you but it was for nothing "

Then kaska and atiko sang" you didn't even notice me ! Iiiiiii love you so dearly !"

Me and allina sang " don't leave me behind on the railroad tracks! If you say to wait there I will wait . But don't abandon me like a lost dog ."

Kaska "I am like a train always moving always turning !"

Then my dance comes up.

I start to move with the girls then I had to do my move I took four steps forward fast jumped up did a triple flip and landed in a cartwheel . Then I hear from the audience " he is so talented!" Who is talented? I thought .

Then I sing very smoothly " I waited for you . You never came , I lost sight of your smile. What made you stay away?"

Then all together we sang" I lost you . You stayed away. What will happen to my love ? Oh please fall back into my arms .

MY DESTINY!" It surprisingly sounded really good when we all sang our parts .

Then when we finally all ended with a peace sign hand motion to our face saying "kimchi!"

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