The girl in japan

How would you like it if you were the strongest girl ? To lose your parents at a young age and to have to deal with life so young . To be a normal girl but with a super strength that your afraid to show and a talent to dance and sing. This is a story of a girl with a future that is unpredictable.


4. chapter 4

I get into his black small car . In the back seat . And he gets in the passenger seat . I didn't notice that there was a guy driving the car .

"Mr.Business man . Who is this ?" Pointing to driver

" that is my butler ted and I am Walter Fyon"

" to the concert ted"

Ted looks back at me and shakes his head " you idiot Walter ! This girl is more excited than you !"

Mr.Fyon looks back at me is awe .

I didn't notice until now but I have been bouncing up and down and smiling like mad .

"Mr.Fyon how old are you ?"

"I am 25 "

"Then why don't you have a wife , you don't look half bad in looks and your really nice ?!"

" because I don't have time to get out most of the time and I am always busy."

" but you are free right now and going to a concert . Plus when I saw you over the wall you looked afraid of me. Are you afraid of girls ? "

" I am afraid of getting a girl mad because I saw fights of mad women and even little girls and it frightens me to death"

I clutch my skirt really tight in my grasp .. If Mr.Fyon knew about my strengths he might be afraid of me when he finds out about me.... A tear falls

" what is wrong sweetie?"says mr.Fyon

" then would you hate me if I was strong ?" Starts crying a lot .

" sweetie as long as you are my friend i won't hate you "

" what's a friend ?"

" shouldn't you know you are only like -?"

" I am thirteen and my name is jackelyn . Jackle for short."

" you don't know what a friend is and you are thirteen ?! Haven't your parents asked you about school and friends ?!"

"My parents died in a car crash last month ."

"Oh" Mr.Fyon is thinking why is this girl so lively and happy then ... In amazement .

" Walter we are at the concert " says ted

"YAY!" Mr.Fyon and I cheer in unison

We walk into the hall

He buys the tickets and we go to sit down and look around in awe at the amount if people at the concert

"I have to go to the bathroom , I will be right back " said me


I am walking up the stairs and hear a group of ladies talking about mr.fyon.

"He is so cute " " but isn't that his daughter "

I go to talk to them " he is just my dad's friend and he said he would bring me to a concert since my dad is busy all the Time and my mom is dead plus he is single and you can go talk to him just be nice "

They look at me in awe and then look at him in a loving manner .

I continue up the stairs trying to find a bathroom I end up on the first floor . The bathroom is completely empty . The while hallway outside it to is empty because everyone is inside waiting for the concert to start.

After I was done I walked outside the bathroom to only be RAMMED by a 5'7 woman into the wall only to be followed by the sound of my head hitting the wall a breathtakingly loud sound that echoed through out the hall in a shocking sound.

I look up at her wrinkled clothes caused by me .

(Scared and worried ) " I -I I am so sorry ..... So sorry " fixing the outfit

The woman"you idiot! You slowed me down!"

"Slowed you down from what-?"

A bodyguard comes out of the backstage door yelling "stop that woman !"

I can bearly react to that only saying "huh?"

The woman that rammed me ran away to the exit door and ran out .

I stare in awe .

The body guard grabs me and says "you are going to pay for this "

He drags me back stage and Holds me up by my shirt in front of a man.

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