The girl in japan

How would you like it if you were the strongest girl ? To lose your parents at a young age and to have to deal with life so young . To be a normal girl but with a super strength that your afraid to show and a talent to dance and sing. This is a story of a girl with a future that is unpredictable.


3. chapter 3

I finally leave the store at 7:45 with 20 dollars pay. I am going home and I stop to buy the 7

Dollar poster of the dandelions and still have money for tomorrow's dinner.

I finally get home to my one floor Japanese olden style home . I visit the back yard and see the parlor I say "I am home mom and dad" to the two pictures of my parents before they died a month ago in a car crash. I go into the house and open my carton or warm rice and eat .

After that I get my shower and change into my pajamas .

I finish off my homework .

And then I put my poster up of the dandelions next to the other ones on my wall.

I put in there newest cd and start dancing there dance that they did on stage to the songs .

I get so into dancing and I shut my eyes I feel like I am on stage with them and I can't stop myself from dancing until the end .

I am about to start dancing to the eighth song when I heard someone on the other side of the barrier brick wall fall with a thod. I take my bat and put a robe on and I swiftly jump to the top of the 7 foot high wall. I loom down to see a business man on the concrete floor in pain . I set the bat down and I call out to him

" Mr. Business man why are you on the floor ?"

" I fell from the top of the wall and fell on my foot"

"Why where you on top of my wall?"

" I heard the music of THE DANDELIONS and I wanted to hear why people of all ages are obsessed with them "

"Oh. So how did you fall?"

" I was listening and i saw you perfectly dancing to their concert and I was in so much shock that I fell"

"But I thought you said that you wanted to hear the songs better and want to know why people were obsessed ,but you yourself were able to remember their show so well to actually judge me on it .... So are you some kind of person associated with them and you yourself is obsessed with them and want to know who else is obsessed with them?"

He sits up fast" how can you find all that out just from a couple sentences ?"

" SO I WAS RIGHT !" Jumps up and down smiling happily .

" watch out you might fall."stands up

" okay" "so mister what can I do for you ? Since it seems like you want something from me with those puppy dog eyes..."

" well could you get dressed and come with me to the dandelions concert today at 9:50 ? I promise I won't do anything to you-"

" pinkey promise?"

" yes I pinkey promise . I just wanted to see the girl band in concert but well if I go alone I might look like a stocker but all I seem from them is videos on YouTube!"" So can you please please please please come with me !"

" sure but I am bring the bat just in case until we get the the concert " points to bat

" okay fine you can but hurry up it is already 9:35 !"

"Okay I will "

I run into the house throw on the band t-shirt (neon pink) and a black skirt with neon green trim on it and a pair of neon pink leggings. Pulled my brown hair in a side pony tail with a neon green fluffy scrunchy. Put in neon green middle thigh high socks . A pair or dangley neon pink stars and throw on the pair of black high tops. And ran out with my small satchel with house keys and camera (disposable) and locked the front door and gate and met Mr. Business man around the side .

" ready to go?"

" yeah!!!!! Yeah !!!!! Yeah!!!"

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