The Fear

This is a sort of fanfiction to the film, The Counselor, which I loved. It takes place about two years before the film does, and is centered around Javier Bardem's character, Reiner. The relationships and characters are all relatively accurate, I hope. Also, this could become a series depending on how well it does and the feedback. Please enjoy! PLEASE NOTE: FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON, CHAPTER 4 IS A REPEAT! PAY IT NO ATTENTION AND SKIP ON TO CHAPTER 5!! THANK YOU


2. The Counselor

Several days later, Reiner was lounging in his comfortable leather chair when he got a knock on his door. He got up and when he opened the door, was delighted to see Westray standing there, a grim look plastered on his face.

"Westray!" Reiner greeted happily. Westray immediately stepped inside without asking.

"When did Marcus bug you?" He asked. Reiner stared in bewilderment and stuttered before forming words.

"How did yo-" "I have my sources," Westray interrupted. Reiner stood there gaping, searching for words to say.

"Just a few days ago, why?" Westray narrowed his eyes.

"I know a guy who can get it out," Westray muttered. Reiner didn't hesitate.

"Take me to him." He demanded sternly, and just like that, they were off.

They drove up to the small metal building and walked in the front door. The room was vacant, except for a handsome man sitting at a chair filling out papers with a ballpoint pen.

"Counselor," Westray announced. The handsome man glanced up.

"Westray," he greeted, standing up and walking over to shake his hand with a friendly smile.

"And..." he said, glancing at Reiner.

"This is Reiner," Westray stated. The Counselor shook Reiner's hand politely.

"Hi Reiner," he said.

"Hi," Reiner replied with a smirk.

"So what brings you here?" he asked Westray.

Westray glanced over and gazed at Reiner.

"Well," he stated with a sigh. "Reiner here was bugged by Marcus a few days ago, and wouldn't be happier if you could remove it for him." The Counselor's friendly grin suddenly turned grave and concerned.

"Oh, yes, yes. Of course I can," he said. Relief washed through Reiner's veins.

"But I must warn you," he said gazing at Reiner. "It can be very painful, and sometimes, very dangerous." Reiner gave a wry smile and shrugged.

"Alright, if you'll just lie down on that table over there," The Counselor said, gesturing to a metal table with cuffs for the ankles and wrists, presumably to hold the person down. Reiner gulped and strolled over to the table. Westray followed. The Counselor walked over to a counter and went rummaging through the drawers. He finally walked over to the table.

"Before you lay down, please remove your shirt," The Counselor requested to Reiner. He obeyed, unbuttoning and tossing his shirt on the floor. Westray noticed the scar on Reiner's chest and grunted angrily.

"Was that Marcus too?" Westray asked. Reiner nodded reluctantly. Westray only clenched his teeth and muttered curses under his breath in response.

The Counselor sighed and closed the cuffs on Reiner's wrists and ankles.

"What are these for?" Reiner asked him warily.

"Just a safety precaution," Counselor replied reassuringly. He then went to a counter and came back with a large device with buttons and switches and a transparent tube emitting from it. It looked like something he ripped out of a car engine.

"Okay," he said. "This is what we're gonna get this bad boy out with. I will place the opening of this tube over your navel, and this device will use magnestism to lure him out because he's made of a rare form of metal. It also has a location system, so I can tell where in your chest he is," he explained with a smirk.

"Are you a doctor?" Reiner asked.

"No, but I have medical experience, especially in this field. I'm actually a lawyer," he replied. Westray stood there, not speaking until now.

"Let's get this show on the road," he announced. He and The Counselor were standing on Reiner's right side, staring down at Reiner's chest.

"Alright," The Counselor agreed. "Now remember Reiner, this is going to hurt significantly. But whatever you do, keep the thrashing to a minimum. It's critical that the host remains still."

"Host," Reiner repeated. The Counselor paused, but said nothing in response.

The Counselor flipped open something on the device that looked like the screen you flip open on a video camera. He then placed the opening of the transparent tube over Reiner's navel. Lights on the device began to blink and glow.

"Alright," The Counselor muttered, determined. Westray stood by and watched.

Reiner began to feel a terrible ache in his ribs and clenched his teeth.

"Alright, come on little guy," The Counselor muttered, concentrating on the screen. The ache in Reiner's ribs became sharp pangs and he grunted, clenching his fists.

The device made a loud buzzing sound and The Counselor uttered an, "Oh, shit," under his breath. Westray moved over to where The Counselor was standing.

"What is it?" he asked, alert. The Counselor shook his head frantically.

"It's, it's not working. It's only moving further up his chest. If this thing gets in his heart-" "It'll kill him," Westray interrupted knowingly. Reiner's grunts soon turned into agonized screams.

"It's hurting!" He screamed.

"Get this thing out of him, Counselor!' Westray shouted.

"I'm trying! It's right by his heart!" he yelled. Westray stared at Reiner's heart-area on his torso, then back at the screen.

"Dammit!" The Counselor shouted, slamming a button on the device. Reiner screamed in pain. Finally, the device made several loud beeping sounds, and the bug flew out of Reiner's navel grotesquely.

"Got it!" The Counselor shouted. Reiner gasped with relief. Westray sighed with relief. The Counselor threw the tube containing the bug in the trash can and opened Reiner's cuffs. Reiner sat up, clutching his chest where his heart is.

"That was close," he muttered. The Counselor nodded. Westray picked up Reiner's shirt and handed it to him. Reiner put it on and buttoned it up. He sat up off the table and the three men walked towards the front of the building, slightly shaken.

"Thanks, Counselor," Westray said sincerely.

"No problem. You gonna be okay R-" his sentence fell short as he realized Reiner had collapsed on the floor and was not breathing.

"Reiner!" Westray shouted, racing over to his limp body. He knelt down and put his head to his chest to see if he was breathing. He wasn't.

Westray frantically began giving him CPR. The Counselor stared on in horror.

"Counselor, call an ambulance!" Westray yelled, and The Counselor whipped his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed the number.

"C'mon Reiner! Stay with me!" Westray shouted, forcefully pumping his hands against his chest. He checked for breathing, there still was none.

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