The Fear

This is a sort of fanfiction to the film, The Counselor, which I loved. It takes place about two years before the film does, and is centered around Javier Bardem's character, Reiner. The relationships and characters are all relatively accurate, I hope. Also, this could become a series depending on how well it does and the feedback. Please enjoy! PLEASE NOTE: FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON, CHAPTER 4 IS A REPEAT! PAY IT NO ATTENTION AND SKIP ON TO CHAPTER 5!! THANK YOU


5. Going Home

Several hours later, the hospital released Reiner, and The Counselor offered to drive him home.

"Sure," he replied, since he didn't have much of a choice. He could barely walk without feeling sharp stings in his chest. The doctor said that there were a few small holes in Reiner's lungs and large intestine, but they performed an operation to burn them closed. Reiner was gonna have trouble walking for a few weeks.

Westray put his arm around Reiner's waist, and Reiner lifted his arm over Westray's shoulder for support. They slowly walked to The Counselor's car. Once there, Westray slowly lowered him into the passenger seat, and The Counselor got in the driver's seat. Westray sat in the back.

They all fastened their seatbelts, and started off to Reiner's house.

"I'm sorry we had to meet like this, Counselor," Reiner grunted. The Counselor shrugged.

"It's fine. There could have been worse ways," he replied with a smirk. "So why exactly is Marcus after you?" Reiner shook his head in bewilderment.

"He thinks I owe him money, stupid bastard," he replied. Westray chuckled in the backseat at this.

"Aren't you going to need some kind of protection?" The Counselor asked. Reiner glanced at him, puzzled.

"I mean, if he's after you, it's not exactly safe to be out and about." Reiner stared out of his passenger window.

"I don't know what I'm gonna do," he sighed.

"We could kill him," Westray suggested nonchalantly. The Counselor glanced back in awe. Reiner snickered.

"No, you can't, Westray. The man has more money than I do. He's untouchable," Reiner stated. Westray sighed.

"I've faced worse than this coward," he muttered under his breath.

"I don't know what I'm gonna do, Counselor. The maniac knows where I live for Christ's sake," Reiner said.

"Can't you tell the police?" The Counselor asked. Reiner gave him an incredulous look like he had just asked the dumbest question on the planet, which he did.

"Well, Counselor, I'm no outlaw or anything, but what I do isn't exactly legal," Reiner stated, aggravated.

"Sorry, what is it that you do?" The Counselor asked, annoyed himself. Reiner cleared his throat, but said nothing.

"Let's just say he dabbles in the drug trade," said Westray. The Counselor glanced at Reiner in mild shock.

"Are you a dealer?" he asked Reiner. Reiner shot him an offended look.

"Hell no! Dealers are scavengers. Bottom feeders. They only deal so that they can scrape up any crumbs of cash that they can possibly take. They're desperate morons. They'll sell it to anyone, whether you're a cop or not. No, I'm not a dealer. What I do is more complex and perhaps even more stupid," he stated. The Counselor paused thoughtfully.

"What exactly are you then?" he asked reluctantly. Reiner stared out the window for a while, then heaved a sigh.

"You're a member of the court," he muttered. The Counselor nodded understandingly, then spoke.

"Reiner, you act like I don't have any dirty little secrets of my own. Just because I'm a lawyer doesn't mean I'm a snitch." Reiner pursed his lips.

"Turn here," Westray told The Counselor, and they turned down a narrow secluded road.

"It's hard to explain," Reiner began. "I take advantage of the times when the drug cartels are arguing with each other, which seems to be a lot these days, which is why business is booming," he joked. "But I have people who steal their money while they're not looking, and I give it to anyone who asks, who isn't a cop, of course."

The Counselor nodded his head, soaking in the information.

"And under what circumstances would someone ask you for money?" he asked. Reiner shrugged.

"When they desire more, and are just desperate or greedy enough to attempt to get some," Reiner replied casually. The Counselor paused. They were rolling into Reiner's long driveway to his expensive penthouse.

"Well, Reiner, I have some greedy desires of my own," he said, parking the car. Reiner smirked.

"Maybe we could do business sometime," The Counselor continued. Reiner chuckled.

"Maybe, Counselor. Maybe," is all he said before Westray opened the passenger door and helped him out of the car.

Westray closed the car door and helped Reiner up through the penthouse courtyard. When they approached the front door, it was opened and Malkina was standing in the doorway looking relatively concerned.

"I called her," Westray said as Reiner noticed her standing there. They reached the door and Malkina flashed an appreciative smile at Westray.

"Thanks, Westray," she said. "I've got him from here." Westray nodded and gently handed Reiner over to Malkina who helped him inside. Westray walked away hesitantly, without uttering a single word.

Malkina lowered Reiner onto the soft leather couch slowly, despite his moans and grunts. Finally, after Reiner adjusted himself into a comfortable position and Malkina sat beside him, she spoke.

"Westray says Marcus did this to you days ago. Why didn't you tell me?" she asked with worry in her tone. Reiner sighed.

"I didn't want to worry you," he said. Malkina scowled as if to say how well that worked out. Instead, she just sighed.

"I'm not leaving this house for a while. Marcus knows where you live and I doubt he'll be pleased to hear that you got his oh so precious bug removed," she stated. Reiner shot her an argumentative look, then reluctantly nodded his head in understanding. Malkina placed her hand on his forehead and caressed his face with her thumb.

"Westray also told me that Marcus gave you a pretty bad scar," she added. Reiner glanced down at his chest and nodded solemnly like a child nods when they've been caught in a lie.

Malkina followed Reiner's gaze to his chest, and after a short pause, began unbuttoning his shirt. Reiner relaxed and sunk deeper into the cushion. She unbuttoned the shirt all the way and peeled it back to reveal the scar on his peck. It looked pretty bad. It was still red and inflamed and ran all the way down to the top of his ribcage.

Malkina clenched her teeth in anger, then, after calming down, ran her long silver-painted nails gently along the scar. Reiner closed his eyes calmly. Malkina then ran her hands lightly over his whole chest, causing Reiner to emit a sigh of pleasure. Malkina smirked.

"Nobody should have to put their hands on your chest, except me," she muttered to herself. Reiner opened his eyes and flashed her a mischievious grin. She giggled.

"Does the cut still hurt?" She asked innocently. Reiner nodded.

"My whole chest still hurts," he groaned. Malkina paused thoughtfully for a moment, biting her lip.

"Do you think if I kiss it, it will feel better?" She asked. Reiner's eyes lit up and he grinned. Malkina took that as a yes and lightly pressed her lips to his collar bone. Reiner sighed, relaxed. Malkina planted gentle kisses all over his upper body, then slowly worked her way to his abdomen. He released a few moans of pleasure every now and then.

Malkina kissed around Reiner's navel in a circle, then progressed her way back up to his pecks. She then reached his face and kissed him passionately on the lips.

"I love you," she whispered into his ear. He said the same back sincerely.

Then she layed her head down on the one area of his chest that didn't hurt, around his left peck. He sighed.

"I'm sorry about all of this," she whispered. "We won't let that asshole hurt you again."

Reiner gave a wry smile. He appreciated the comfort, even though he knew in his mind that there was nothing that any of them could do to stop Marcus. If there was anything that Reiner had learned from him, it's that he is relentless and persistent, and will not stop until he gets what he wants. If he really wants to hurt Reiner, he's going to hurt Reiner, and there's nothing anybody can do about it. Not even Reiner himself.

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