The Fear

This is a sort of fanfiction to the film, The Counselor, which I loved. It takes place about two years before the film does, and is centered around Javier Bardem's character, Reiner. The relationships and characters are all relatively accurate, I hope. Also, this could become a series depending on how well it does and the feedback. Please enjoy! PLEASE NOTE: FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON, CHAPTER 4 IS A REPEAT! PAY IT NO ATTENTION AND SKIP ON TO CHAPTER 5!! THANK YOU


4. Going Home

The ambulance arrived rather quickly and heaved Reiner into the back of the vehicle on a gurney. Westray went in with him and The Counselor took his own car to the hospital, just because they only allow one other person in the vehicle besides the ambulance.

The man stuck an IV into Reiner's arm and monitored his heart rate, which had thankfully started up again, but was very low. Westray stared at him in concern.

They reached the hospital and three responders frantically wheeled Reiner out of the truck and through the doors. Westray was walking by his side through the hospital hallway until a young nurse told him to wait here.

They wheeled him into a room with a large plexiglass window so that Westray could see what they were doing. The Counselor finally showed up, running through the hall, then standing beside Westray, the both of them staring through the plexiglass at the unconscious body of their friend. They watched as the several doctors lifted him onto a steel table and stuck several needles into his arms, taking blood and injecting fluids. One of them ripped open his shirt and stuck needles into his torso.

To The Counselor's and Westray's terror, one of the doctors shouted that his heart had stopped and took out a defibrulator, rubbing them together and shouting "Clear!" as he shocked Reiner's chest.

To Westray, this was all happening in slow motion and he could hear nothing but a ringing in his ears. Finally, after several shocks, Reiner's heart started back up again and the doctors closed the curtains on the plexiglass window, leaving the two friends puzzled and concerned.

After a few hours, a young nurse came out and told an exhausted Westray and Counselor that Reiner was stable and had been suffering from some internal bleeding. They glanced at each other knowingly.

"You boys can come on back and see him if you'd like," she said with a sincere smile. They both hesitated, then stood up to go see their friend.

When they entered the room, they saw Reiner laying on the hospital bed watching TV with what appeared to be boredom plastered on his expression. He smiled when he saw them enter the room.

"Hey, you chuckleheads!" he announced, and they both grinned.

"Hey, Reiner," The Counselor said back. They walked over to stand on either of his sides, relieved that he was himself, but also in shock that he was so... normal after he practically died several times.

"You feeling okay?" Westray asked, placing his hand on Reiner's shoulder. Reiner glanced up at him.

"I'm fine," he said cheerfully. "In fact, the nurse says I can probably go home today. They just to prescibe me some meds and I'm home free," he announced. Westray and The Counselor glanced at each other with relief in their eyes.

"Does Malkina know where I am?" Reiner asked, suddenly concerned. Westray shook his head and Reiner heaved a sigh.

"Who's Malkina?" The Counselor asked. Reiner grinned to himself.

"Reiner's girlfriend," Westray replied. Reiner snickered.

"Yeah she is," he muttered thoughtfully. Westray rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"I'll call her later," said Westray.

"Okay," Reiner replied, closing his eyes.

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