The Fear

This is a sort of fanfiction to the film, The Counselor, which I loved. It takes place about two years before the film does, and is centered around Javier Bardem's character, Reiner. The relationships and characters are all relatively accurate, I hope. Also, this could become a series depending on how well it does and the feedback. Please enjoy! PLEASE NOTE: FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON, CHAPTER 4 IS A REPEAT! PAY IT NO ATTENTION AND SKIP ON TO CHAPTER 5!! THANK YOU


1. Bugged

It was almost sunset when Reiner put on a button-up black overshirt and headed out on foot for a walk through the bad part of town. He left his phone. When he stepped out the door, the air was chilly, and he was glad his shirt was long-sleeved.

By the time he reached the poor part of town, there was a bright pink glow throughout the twilight sky. He walked along the sidewalk, noting on how there were very few people or cars around. After another block or so, Reiner noticed a black Cadillac that had been following his every move for a few hundred feet. He quickened his pace.

Just as he was about to cross the street on a street corner intersection, three men appeared from around the secluded corner of a building. The only one he recognized was the one in the middle with slicked back jet black hair and expensive clothing. They all strolled towards him at a threatening pace with murderous looks on their faces.

"Hello, Reiner," the one in the middle spat with an evil smirk forming across his lips.

Reiner took a few strides backwards frantically, until he was grabbed from behind by a man with muscles bigger than his head. The man covered Reiner's mouth with his hand and gripped his other arm with his free hand.

"Let's talk," the one in the middle named Marcus said mischeviously. The buff man pulled a wide-eyed Reiner into the nearest alley.

He pulled him into the middle of the alley, where there was just barely enough light to see their evil faces. Marcus then gestured to the buff guy to release Reiner, and then his two accomplices grabbed his arms.

"Tisk tisk, Reiner. You haven't behaved yourself," Marcus muttered, pointing an accusing finger at Reiner.

"Go to hell, Marcus," Reiner muttered, causing the two men to yank his arms forcefully, making Reiner moan in agony.

"Where's my money, Reiner?" Marcus asked accusingly.

"What money?" Reiner grunted. Marcus nodded a head at the two men, who kicked Reiner's legs out from under him, causing him to drop to his knees with a thud. One of the men then grabbed Reiner by the jaw with his free hand and yanked it upward so that he was staring up at Marcus on his knees. Marcus moved closer threateningly.

"You think this is a game?" he spat.

Reiner nodded jokingly. Marcus then threw a powerful uppercut into Reiner's abdomen, and he doubled over, groaning in pain. One of his captors yanked his head by the hair, forcing him to look up again.

"I mean it, Reiner!" Marcus shouted angrily. Reiner only grunted in response. Marcus gestured at the men again. This time, they lifted Reiner up back onto his feet and slammed him against the alley wall on his back.

"Alright," Marcus hissed, stepping closer to Reiner, who was still in pain and disoriented from the impact.

"You wanna play this game? Huh?" Marcus snarled, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a switchblade and flipping it open. The two men gripped Reiner's arms again and one cupped his hand over his mouth. The buff guy only stood by and watched eagerly.

"Then I'll gut you like a fish." The two men took this as their cue, and tore open Reiner's button-down shirt, exposing his defined tan chest. Reiner uttered cries for help, but they were muffled by the man's hand. Marcus cackled maniacally.

"Scream all you want, Reiner. No one can hear you. You're mine," he said placing the sharp tip of the blade on the upper section of Reiner's right peck. He dragged the blade downwards drawing a trail of blood as he went. Reiner screamed in pain but it was no use. Marcus lifted the blade out of Reiner's skin and admired the six-inch cut that Reiner would bear the scar of forever. Marcus snickered.

"So where's my money, Reiner?" He repeated. Reiner began to speak, so the man lifted his hand off of his mouth.

"Rot. In. Hell," he said, spitting in Marcus' face. The man cupped his hand over his mouth angrily. Marcus chuckled menacingly as he wiped away the saliva with a hankerchief.

"Lay him down," Marcus whispered to the two men, who dragged Reiner to an old beaten up table at the very end of the alley and threw him on it on his back.

"Tape him," Marcus demanded to the buff guy, who pulled a roll of duct tape out of his coat pocket, tore off a strip, and walked over and slapped it over Reiner's mouth. The two men pinned his arms down as he struggled and wriggled and yelped muffled cries.

"You see, Reiner, I can't kill you. Then I would never get my money. However, I can torture you, and I can track you," Marcus explained calmly while pulling a small metal container out of his pocket. Reiner just stared wide-eyed and frightened at the sudden calmness of this maniac. He was sprawled on his back on the table, the two men pinning his arms, and the buff guy pinning both of his legs. His bare sliced-up chest was fully exposed, his shirt was lying limply on the table on either side of him. Marcus was on his left side glancing down at him as he opened this container.

"The organization I work for," he continued. "Has developed a new kind of tracker that's really quite incredible. It's a complex system of microchips and tracking software all installed in a small, creepy bug body. Basically, a robo-bug." Reiner only stared, his fear growing and growing as Marcus went on.

He pulled a small green cylindrical chip with a glowing red light out of the box that was no bigger than the top section of his thumb.

"So whether you like it or not, you're going to help us, Reiner," he said with a murderous glint in his eye. He pressed a tiny button on the chip and held it with his thumb and forefinger downwards. Reiner stared with fear and curiosity eating at his insides.

Suddenly, the chip twisted and expanded until a large bug bursted out of it with huge eyes and a squirming tail and several thin legs frantically thrashing in the air. It was about the size of Marcus's palm. Reiner's curiosity vanished, leaving him only cringing in fear. Marcus took the bug, which he had gripped by the tail, and hovered it over Reiner's stomach. He then lowered it onto Reiner's skin, right next to his navel. Reiner screamed and thrashed, but the three men had a death grip on his limbs, and it was useless.

The bug crawled around Reiner's chest disturbingly and made it's way over to his navel again. Marcus stared in fascination. The bug finally stuck it's head in his navel and quickly began burrowing it's long, thin body inside Reiner. Reiner thrashed violently, trying to shake it out or off of him, but the three men's grips were simply too rigid.

The bug kept crawling inside him quickly until it's tail was just poking out. Then, with one last squirm, and to Reiner's absolute horror, it disappeared completely into him. Marcus backed away, satisfied.

"Let's go boys," he announced. "I'll be watching you, Reiner." The three men quickly headed down the alley, jumped into the waiting black Cadillac, and sped off leaving Reiner beaten, scarred, and absolutely petrified.

Reiner ripped the duct tape off of his mouth with a gasp and fell off of the table onto the concrete, staring at his stomach in horror.

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