2. The Ex

One day out of the blue my ex-boyfriend texts me. I didn't have a problem with it because it's not like I hated him we were still kinda sorta friends. We were talking and he said the life's not going so well and I asked why. He said that he still likes me. Our relationship didn't work out because first strike he didn't get me anything for my birthday... Then he was being mean to my friends. Then he stopped talking to me. If It I wasn't for me to text him first on New Years he wouldn't have talked to me at all that night. So eventually I just stopped talking to him and It never got better so I dumped him. Now he's trying to crawl back. I do still have feelings for him but I don't want to go back out with him.. Just because I don't want the same things to happen again. But he said that he will be asking me out again..... Shit.......

We were texting all night. He asked me so who do you like? I didn't want to tell him but he kept asking. Finally I told him the guy I liked. Then he started throughing a fit saying how can you get over a guy so fast and just start liking a new guy. I told him well we've been broken up for about a month now and it's now like I liked this guy right when I broke up with you so settle down. Then he's like well I don't like that.

I was really starting to get pissed off at him because he can't yell at me just because I like someone.

We were texting like all night and then he said he was going to bed and I fell asleep right after. When we where don't texting it was 1:04 a.m.

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