The Nightmares of Alison Brooks

Alison Brooks Has the Great life but at night when she falls asleep her mind wanders to the darkest corners of her mind. Stories of the unknown, creatures and places never before seen or even heard of. This has been happening for 3 years now and whatever happens to her in her Night terrors, happens to her in the real world.


1. The Start

I was alone. My parents had left earlier this evening to attend a party in their favor. It was nearly 2 am and I was finished with my homework. I looked out my window to see the dark streets of London, abandoned. I didn't want to sleep because I knew I would be faced with some horrible Nightmare that i would struggle just to stay alive, but I had to, I was exhausted, I hadn't slept in 3 days for that exact reason. For the past 3 years I've been having these terrible Night terrors that seemed to come true. After a couple weeks they weren't so bad. But, then I began to notice strange bruises, scratches and marks all over my body, in the same exact shape, place, and form they had appeared in my dreams. I had no explanation. I tried to tell people about it and what was happening to me but they all just laughed and called me crazy. I wasn't crazy. Only I knew what was really going on and only I could find a way to stop it. I began to search everywhere for anything that might help me understand more about what was happening, Magazines, Websites, books, Anything. Until one day I found this website I have never heard of and it led me to the one person who could help me. Ezekiel Thomas. A Psychiatrist  who had, had some disturbances of his own. I prayed and hoped to god that he had some clue that could help me in the slightest way. I found his phone number and gave him a call. As I explained to him what was happening and That i needed help, all I could hear on the other end was deep breathing and an occasional "mhm." He agreed my case was most unusual and made me an appointment to see him first thing in the morning, in his office in Crawley England. Approximately 32 Miles it was only and hour long train ride so I left at 7 am to be able to make it to my 9 am appointment. I spent my remaining time looking around for his office and found it just in time. When he called me into his office he had me sit down and explain my situation, I showed him everything, the marks and bruises along with the nightmare behind each one. Then he had me go to sleep on a sofa, He used some machine that would see inside my mind as I slept. As soon as I woke up I had discovered 3 huge gashes across my back where the creature had attempted to snatch me up but failed. They we deep and gushing blood. Ezekiel Brought me supplies and fixed the wounds and then went to his computer across the room. He spent hours trying to find the diagnosis to my problem, but had one result. A case just like this had been reported to a mental hospital in the early 1900's. The woman, Eliza Smith, was accused by the town of witchcraft and burned to death. Since then doctors had looked further into the case and diagnosed it as "Nocturna suppressio venire verum" or "Nightmare Come True" in Latin. There is  no way to get rid of it, the only thing I could do was try to live through it the worst that could happen is that I die, and I wasn't going to let that happen. I was going to over come them, the creatures the places I will live on. I will fight. I will Survive.

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