The Nightmares of Alison Brooks

Alison Brooks Has the Great life but at night when she falls asleep her mind wanders to the darkest corners of her mind. Stories of the unknown, creatures and places never before seen or even heard of. This has been happening for 3 years now and whatever happens to her in her Night terrors, happens to her in the real world.


3. Horrid Hospital Part 2

This gave me a new sence of hope. I wasn't in this one alone This time I had clues something that would help me escape. Something that would help me survive. I sat on the bed trying t think of what it meant. If it was specif a certain medicine bottle then that must mean there are alot of different medicine bottles. Where are there alot of medicine bottles? Oh yeah A pharmacy. I left the room and searched for the Pharmacy, It wasn'yt really that hard to find. I slowly opened the door and looked around. There were old abandoned machines and old dusty stuff. I found what Eliza meant. At the far end of the room there was a shelf arange perfectly with different types of medicine bottle. I followed her directions carefully  and picked up the third blue bottle from the right. Inside I found I huge brass key, It must belong to the grandfather clock. I went back to the lobby and slowly inserted the key into the lock. As soon as I opened the door the lights went out and I hear a violent scream. "ALISSSSSON YOU BITCH YOU WEREN"T SUPPOSED TO GO THIS FAR"  I couldn't see her only hear her. She never appeared as the light came back on I quickly snatched up the note and read.  "You are almost out to defeat the ghost and escape you need to find the key and release my spirit. I'm trapped behind the Star in the basement and the key is somewhere in the break room it's very small and blue. Help Me"  Now I was afraid. What's going to happen? Only one way to find out. I followed a hospital guide to the break room and walked inside.I was horrified to see a skeleton sitting in one of the chairs and around its neck was a small blue key. That must be it. I slowly approached the corpse and reached for the key. I was just inches away from wraping my fingers around it when the skeletons hand grabbed my wrist and threw me across the room. I scattered to my feet as it lurched at me, I tried to dodge but wasnt quick enough. It had me pinned against a dusty counter and mas about to get me when I quickly reached and pulled the key from around his neck makeing his neck snap as his bones fell to the ground. I was breathing Heavily, all I wanted to do was get out of here. I tightly grasped the key in my hand and ran to the basement. As I opened the door i could only see what the little light from the one tiny lightbulb could show me. I walked down the staps and looked around. I saw the gleam of black metal against the ligt and walked towards it. A flashlight. I picked it up and flpped the switch makeing a thin beam of light peirce the darkness. It would have to work. I looked around through old boxes, and torn up curtains. Old hospital beds and medical tools until I finally founf the star. It was a huge plastic Satanism Star. It represented pure evil. Eliza was trapped behind it and I needed to help get her out. As I was looking for a place to put the key I found one last note. I picked it up and began to read. " If you are reading this, you have made farther than she wanted you to go. She is probly alot more angry and dangerous. You need to hurry! I'm trapped behins this star with pure evil creatures like the ones I only see in my nightmares. To get me out put the key in the middle of the star and repeat this chant: aperire in foris, veni eius Verus, or open the door, let her free, in Latin. I found the hole and put the key in and turned it then started to repeat the chant. " aperire in foris, veni eius Verus! aperire in foris, veni eius Verus!" I started to feel the ground shake and opened my eyes, infront of me the star was split in half and a small firery red portal was showing. I continued. "aperire in foris, veni eius Verus! aperire in foris, veni eius Verus! aperire in foris, veni eius Verus!" The portal was now open and I could hear Eliza's distant voice.

"You are almost there just a little more!!"

aperire in foris, veni eius Verus! aperire in foris, veni eius Verus! aperire in foris, veni eius Verus! aperire in foris, veni eius Verus!" I stopped as my breath was taken away and a girl flew out of the portal as it closed up again. We both got up and looked at each other. she was beautiful.

"I am Eliza and you just saved me. I am thankful, now when we defeat the ghost I shall return to the real world with you." I nodded in understanding as the nights flickered out. " I need you to keep doing that chant so the portal opens back up and we can push her through!" I nodded and began doing the chant as the ghost floated down the stairs and saw us.

"ALISSSSON! YOU LET ELIZZZZAAA FREEEE! THAT WASSS A BIG MISSSTAKE" I tried to ignore her as Eliza went after her. The portal was begining to open back up. I was chanting when I felt the ghost scratch my back, leaving 3 huge gash marks, red and bleeding. I Ignored the pain and kept chanting. pretty soon the portal was completely open and the ghost had taken on a human form. Eliza faught. She was down the ghost almost pushed her through the portal, when she fell and Eliza raised her foot, pushing the ghost over her and into the fire and it closed. We had made it. Eliza grabbed onto my arm as I began to wake up! Another moster deafeated.

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