The Nightmares of Alison Brooks

Alison Brooks Has the Great life but at night when she falls asleep her mind wanders to the darkest corners of her mind. Stories of the unknown, creatures and places never before seen or even heard of. This has been happening for 3 years now and whatever happens to her in her Night terrors, happens to her in the real world.


2. Horrid Hospital Part 1

I lay in bed alone, afraid to fall asleep, but determined and ready for what was coming. I looked at my alarm clock, 1:27 am. I stared at the ceiling trying to imagine what I might possibly encounter this time. I stayed that way until I finally drifted into a deep sleep. 

~~~~~~~~~THE TERROR~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I sat in my bed alone. I was all alone. My father was on a business trip and my mother was working late. I have no siblings. I was sitting there trying to focus on my Geometry assignment. It was quiet, It was just me stuck deep in thought as i tried to solve for X, when a heard a dainty noise of pans rattling in the kitchen. I didn't think much of it and went back to my work, a few minutes later a felt a drafts of chilly air sweep across my room, strange all the windows and doors were shut. " Alissson" I heard a woman's voice hiss my name, it sent chills down my spine. The lights went out I was starting to turn fearful as i lit a candle and looked around. Nothing but darkness. "Alissssson" I heard the voice again, this time more clear and it sounded as if it came right next to me. As I turned to look, a draft blew out my candle and i was knocked unconscious. I soon woke up in a strange room. I quickly gathered my surroundings. I tried to gather as much information as I could, I was only able to see very little with the light illuminating from the candle on the table next to me. I was laying on an operation table. I sat up and looked around. Sitting on the right side of me was a tray with surgical tools, cleaned and ready to use spread across it. To my left was a small table and with a candle and a small note. I picked up the note and began to read. 

"Try to escape if you can. I will find you, and one wrong move could cost you your life. Good Luck, you will need it." That made me tremble. I quickly pulled myself together and picked up the candle searching for the light switch. I soon found it and to my surprise the lights worked. I took a look around. The room was all white. The floor and walls were smeared with fresh blood. The only other items in the room besides what I had seen were two big steal door leading out into the corridor and one small wooden door seemingly belonging to a closet. I no longer wanted to be in this room and pushed my way pass the heavy doors into the corridor. The lights were on. On the other side were two doors, rooms E11 and E12. To my left was a dead ens and to my right were two more Steal doors leading into a waiting room. I decided to go into room E12. In the room i discovered a small brass key in the shape of a heart. Must belong to the Mysterious door in the operation room. I quickly ran to where I had begun and approached the closet door. I was stuck with fear to see that it was now wide open as it wasn't before and I didn't open it.  I slowly walked inside and took a look around. There was a rack of white nurse coats and other items a nurse would acquire when working. I was just about to leave when the Lights flickered off and i hid behind the nurse coats and watched as a ghost appeared in the room. She was a Nurse. She had long black matted, grungy hair that fell in the middle of her back, and a face that was as white as china. A smile stitched into her face along with two deep black holes for eyes that had a strange black liquid pouring from them. She was fully in uniform and uttered only one word.

"Alisssson" It had been the same exact voice I had heard back in my room. I stayed Hidden until she had left and the Lights flickered back on. I ran out of the room and through the big doors leading to the waiting room. Old dusty chairs and a huge grandfather clock that had a note stuck to the pendant. I studied it. I had to find the key. The heart one wouldn't work, this one had to big and made of iron. I searched around and I don't know how I knew this, I just did. For some reason I knew I had to go to room D6. I followed my intuition and found myself inside room D6. I looked around for anything and soon I found it. In one of the drawers there was an old torn up diary, when i picked it up a note fell out onto the ground. I bent over and picked it up just as the lights flickered out. I quickly close the privacy curtain and stood still holding my breath. I couldn't see anything but an eerie white glow.  "Alissssssssson You are making me angry come out where every you aaarrreee" I stayed where I was her voice was alluring but i fought off her temptation. As soon as she had left and the lights had turned back on I unfolded the note and read. The note had written in sloppy letters, It's in the third blue bottle to the right, be careful because she will kill you when she finds you. I hope you make it out. Who was this from? Someone is trying to help me. It must have been Eliza. She's been here before. 

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