My prince charming

It all started by losing the only thing I had left of mum, then things turned around when I met him....


3. the first move

Harry's POV

I wake up am the first thing that enters my mind is Brooke. Was she okay, her beautiful pale skin, so fragile, this wasn't allowed to happen again, I cared to much, I cared for Brooke.

Today I was hanging with Lou we were going to the street party, and we need to go shopping, as girly as that sounds.

〰later that day

"Who have you got your eye on" Lou asks meaning who am I going to make a move on

"On one really, I was thinking of asking this girl if she wants to go, she hot" I reply

"What about me? I am Louis Tomlinson, I do not third wheel" he said sticking his nose In the air.

"Maybe she can bring a friend" I said laughing

He walked into the kitchen "who is this girl anyway" he shouted

"Brooke Davids, Zayn and stuff were trying to hit on her the other day" I shouted back

Louis stood at the door and looked at me " her friend better be hot" Louis said still a little annoyed.

Brooke's POV

i was so excited my friend Caitlin coming to keep me company for a couple of days before she left to move to New Zealand. We were going to have so much, I got dad to drive us to the small airport that was about a 15 minute drive. I divided not to put my hand out the window this time just in case. When we arrived we was already standing there with her bag, you blonde hair was tied up in a best piney tail with two small bits coming down from each side of her face.

"Caitlin!" I screamed with joy

"Ahhh hello!" She gave me the biggest hug.

While we were in the car talking about well just about everything I got a text, it was from Harry.

Hey Brooke, there is this party thing on tonight, wanna come with me?

Sure! But I will have to bring my friend along :)

Perfect, see ya there x

You too x

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