My prince charming

It all started by losing the only thing I had left of mum, then things turned around when I met him....


2. ment to be?

(the next day)

Harry's P.O.V

The sun was peeping through my blinds waking me up. Today was going to be a great day for a bike ride up the mountain. I got dressed and went down stairs to the smell of pancakes.

"Smells good" I said while kissing mum on the check.

"Now Harry, your dad and I are going away for New Years because of my work, so I am letting you invite friends around" she explained

"Great!" I jumped with excitement

After breakfast I headed out with my bike, the wind was nicely breezing through my curly brown hair. I was just calmly riding to the mountain and enjoying the view of the beach. My bike came to a stop I didn't do anything. I looked down to find a girl with long brown hair sitting on the ground.

"I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking whe-" I stopped, it was her, the ring girl.

She giggled at me. I helped her up.

"It's okay, hey wait I know you" she smiled

"Hi I'm Harry Styles" I said

"Hi Harry, I'm Brooke Davids"

"Hi Brooke, nice to meet you" I said dorkishly

"You too" she laughed

She started to walk away, I grabbed her arm gently.

Brooke's P.O.V

He softly pulled me back,

"Wait, can I get your number"

I smiled cheekily and gave it to him, I was happy I met him. I wanted to get to know him. Harry rode of with a smile on his face, he was so cute.

When I got to the beach, and took of my dress and I was left standing there eyeing up the ocean in my bikini. I started to walk to the sea when I heard a wolf whistle from behind me, I turned to look. There were three boys staring at my ass, I gave them the evils as they started to come towards me.

"Why hello there" the 'main' boys with dark hair and tan skin said tiring to impress me or something.

"What do you want" I said trying to be mean

"Just your name and number" the blonde boy said looking me up and down

I rolled my eyes and started to walk to the sea to swim, before I could take another step I felt a harsh tug on my arm.

"Look, I just want your number, and I always get what I want" said the tan boy.

"Well there is a first time for everything, your not getting my number" I sternly said

He squeezed my arm, it started to hurt. I could now feel the blood struggling to get through.

"Ow! Could you loosen up a bit" I said trying to get out, he was to strong (not a surprise).

"Let go of her" I looked to see, it was Harry.

"She's fine, it's none of your business anyway" he turned to me looking me dead in the eyes.

"I said let her go" Harry pulled him away, I rubbed my arm I could feel my blood working again.

"Harry, Harry, Harry" said the tan boy shaking his head

"Just leave, no one wants any trouble" Harry held my hand, I hid behind him I felt his muscles, ugh he was so sexy. Brooke snap out of it you could be in the middle of a unpleasant fight any moment.

"Well smart ass you should of thought of that before you Snooped all on my life" the tan one said forcefully

Harry bent down and whispered in my ear "run"

Harry took off and I was trying to keep up with him, he was fast aswel as strong, caring and good looking and not to mention perfect. After gunning away for what seemed like ages we stopped Harry let go of my hand and put them on my face looking for scratches.

. "I'm fine, and thank you"

"Zayn, Niall and Liam are always up to trouble, I just hope your okay" he smiled

Ugh that smile.

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